wells 8 months

wells 8 months
  • lots of new tricks! pulling up to stand, waving, balancing, mimicking
  • sleeps 7 pm – 7 am
  • started saying “baba” and “dada”
  • started to LOVE oranges this month and can pick up tiny pieces of them and eat! also love avocado and almond butter …. he’s a california boy :)
  • growing too long out of his clothes!
  • starting to get mad about diaper changes – just wants to be on the go!

it’s so fun seeing wells at this age – still so little, but really coming into his own and feeling like part of the crew! he is already doing his best to keep up with his sisters and is on the go constantly. i love watching him explore and get to know the world. his smiles, waves, hugs, and two little bottom teeth are some of the things i just want to bottle up right now. he is my obsession and we could not have a better little dude in our family. he’s only getting better each passing month! xo!

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