thanksgiving 2020

thanksgiving 2020

We normally wouldn’t have gone to visit family in Utah for thanksgiving this year, especially with covid! But with our home being renovated all of November we decided to go stay there to be out of the mess! It was a bonus to be able to be there and celebrate Thanksgiving as carefully as we could. We agreed with our family members to be as cautious as possible leading up to the holiday, then wore masks and ended up gathering with Chase’s family for the meal. It is such an odd year for any event, but it was sweet to be able to be together…even if we were a bit unsure about how best to do it.

I love that our prophet, President Nelson, challenged us all to a week of gratitude the week leading up to Thanksgiving. It set such a good tone to be searching for all of the many things to still be grateful for during this quite interesting year. I feel lucky that there are still plenty of things to be grateful for despite all that has happened this year.

One of my main things to be grateful for this year was change. I shared some thoughts on it here:

I love this invitation for a week of gratitude 🤍

I am grateful for change! This year has been one of unexpected change for the entire world, and for our little family too. Change can be amazing and it can also be really hard…but in both cases I am thankful for it.

For the ways our world has changed for the better through this terrible pandemic— connecting with each other more, slowing down, and adapting. It has pushed us all to make changes in our own lives and appreciate little things we took for granted before.

For the needed change that has started to happen in our country and world this year as important issues & injustices have been brought to light and helped us all learn and change perspective.

For the big change & new chapter of life we have started in a new area, new home and with a new family member. It’s been an opportunity to reset with new habits, routines, traditions, and community. I am grateful for it pushing us and knitting our family closer together.

For the daily change in my little ones that makes me re-experience life all over again as I see them change and grow constantly. Instead of being sad about how fast they grow, I am grateful for their constant evolving into amazing interesting, curious little people that I get to watch up close every day.

Change keeps life interesting, creates opportunities to grow, and makes us appreciate what does stay the same. I’m grateful for the chance to change and improve every day! 🤍 #givethanks

Below are a few pictures of gratitude trees, yummy food, and a pretty Thanksgiving at Drew & Rachel’s brand new beautiful home! We even had Paris in town. So special. Since we won’t be traveling back to Utah for Christmas, we also did the nativity scene with all of the cousins to kick off the holiday season. Xox!

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