reagan’s 4th birthday

reagan’s 4th birthday

my first baby is FOUR! the only reason i’m okay with her growing up is that she already acts and seems so much older, so it only makes sense for her to turn another year :) this little girl is so smart, full of life, full of questions, music, and happiness. she makes friends in an instant and remembers every word to a song after hearing it once. also remembers everyone’s name when she meets them …(and has to remind me sometimes! ☺️) she is her own little person who makes us so happy and we adore our RKR! she requested a tea party with cousins + a few friends in utah on her birthday the day before we left town. it was as covid-careful as possible and so sweet to celebrate with a few friends and family that we normally don’t get to!

Photos below, but a few highlights and quotes of Rea at age 4…then her year video at the very end!

“You guys look how tall I am!”
“When will I be older?
“How do you make ___?” About food, the sky, cars, everything 
“When can I got my ears pierced?”
“Guess what I dreamed about — unicorns and popsicles and rainbows and cheerleaders and princesses “
“Dad I get sad when you go to work but I know why you go to work. It’s so I can go to preschool and eat dessert.” 
“What are we doing when we wake up?!”
“What are we having for breakfast tomorrow? (Asked seconds after finishing today’s breakfast)
Grape nuts for breakfast every single morning -haha

“Hey can I tell you something?”

Confident singer and dancer, continues to know every word to every song after hearing it once!!!
Writing letters and words clearly from age 3.5!

Teaching herself math and can do simple addition on fingers.
Loves watching Giada cooking show with Mom and pretending to be a chef. You can overhear her saying things like “that tastes so rich”, or “the lemon brightens this dish up” because of hearing it on the cooking show!
She’s creative, so social, and the best big sister.
LOVES life, up for anything, happy- outgoing – interested in everything and everyone.
First hair cut was finally July 6th 2020, by Aunt Mindy, right before turning 4! It looks soo cute!

and drumroll….her yearly video!