baby #3!

baby #3!

sharing some happy news during this crazy time…a reminder that life will go on, we hope! baby #3 coming september 2020! ?

we are so excited and thankful for this news to focus on as the world goes through the unthinkable right now. it is a little overwhelming to think about bringing a new person into this world, but we have hope and luckily we have until september so we’ll see how things are then!

for remembering…i got really sick in january over new years and was throwing up, so we thought it might be pregnancy since we had started trying the month before. a few days later and 2 negative tests revealed that i had a stomach bug! weeks later, near the end of january i went for my physical check up and there i found out i in fact was pregnant, so the tests weeks prior just hadn’t picked it up or was off since i was dehydrated and sick. it was a happy surprise and i was already 7 weeks at that point! a few days after all of the symptoms kicked in. they have thankfully been much less severe this time around, though still there! just nausea that comes and goes more than my past 2 which seemed constant … and some of the fun headaches i get. i have been fortunate to have slow work and also our darling au pair around to help so i could nap during the first trimester exhausting days, and stay on top of things with our two littles running around.

some updates at this point..
— currently 17 weeks, due september 7th.
— feeling more energy since the second trimester began, but the nausea has stayed. it normally gets better around week 20, so counting down to then!
— cravings: i’ve loved the usual carbs and simple foods when feeling more sick, but have wanted salads and veggies a lot more in between this time around. mostly i just need to be FULL and want more food until i feel better! 
— it has felt good to hike, walk, elliptical, do yoga, and move any way i can while not feeling 100.
— so grateful for my body and this miracle on the way!

it is so fun to think of having 3 kids, all 2 years apart! we’ll have july – august- and september babies all 2 years apart and although it will probably a little feel crazy when they are young, i am excited for them to have each other as they grow!

to share the news we mailed little valentines to our parents which both arrived to them on valentines day! that was fun news to share, and we kept it just with them until march when we told reagan and claire, and our friends and the rest of our family. we know how lucky we are to get to do this a third is even more of a miracle to me each time, and after experiencing this twice before we know how incredible the journey is. it’s hard, but the most important and powerful thing we’ve done becoming parents. i learn more about myself, the world, and what’s important every single day through these tiny people and i’m so grateful to get to add one more. we love you little baby, and pray for your safety and well-being while you grow inside!