January 2020!

January always feels like it lasts longer than the other months, and I love the chance to start the year off in an intentional way. Especially starting a new decade…something about that has made it such a fresh new start!

Admittedly we did have a bit of a rough start to the year, getting a bad stomach bug in our house on New Year’s Eve, and spending it throwing up and sick in bed as my parents visited…haha! Luckily it was a quick 24 hour one, and within a few days we were off to Lake Tahoe for a fun start to the year! Other highlights of Jan have been…

  • Los Altos 5k on New Year’s Eve with Mike & Linny in town!
  • Adventuring through Old Town Sacramento on our road trip!
  • Staying in cute Auburn town and eating at Ikeda’s on the way to Tahoe
  • Skiing and adventuring in Tahoe! Rea’s first time and she did great.
  • Our cute new Au Pair Gabriela arriving!
  • Lots of ClassPass work out classes!
  • Stake Play Kickoff and helping
  • Starting up Music Class again…our favorite!
  • Crazy happenings at work, long story but I’m still there! But my schedule is scaling back which is ideal so I have a lot of balance and even more flexibility!
  • Lots of baby showers for January babies on the way! Victoria, Camille, Reagan, Morgan!
  • Keeping our goal of working out with Chase weekly
  • Cute Jaussi fam, Lacey’s, and Hogans over for dinner! Keeping another goal of having new friends over a few times a month.
  • U Alum Board Meetings
  • Stanford Mall + Lunch with Yoders
  • Fun big bike ride with Chase on MLK Day
  • Winter Lodge Ice Skating with the girls, also on MLK Day!
  • Plenty of play dates for Rea with her cute friends.
  • Girls night at the SF Ballet to see Cinderella
  • Chase going on a guys trip to ski in Utah!
  • Finally visiting Curiodyssey and Coyote Point on the prettiest day!
  • Teaching YW, which is rare now with the weeks switching off
  • Dishin with Chase on the prettiest green sunrise mornings
  • Little friend birthday parties and…
  • Reagan’s SOCCER starting!

Excited to have February ahead!

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