utah holidays 2019!

going to salt lake for the holidays this year was one to remember! SO many fun events and activities, and our girls still at the most magical age to come home to snowy utah with family and christmas fun. i think it may be the last year that we before christmas, since it will get trickier to transport things and we will want to wake up in our own house, so from now on we will probably fly christmas day and make it for dinner! this year we soaked it up extra since there were lots of fun festivities leading up to the holiday.

ice skating at gallivan + temple square lights with rigby cousins! • making this year’s clothespin ornament (a ballerina!) and remaking some old ones we missed. favorite tradition! • NPS with shel, another favorite tradition…and one of our best years yet finding such good things! • tempest dunn dinner, always the best • dinner date out with the woods at niche • meg’s 30th birthday spin class!!! • chi o holiday brunch at the stevens • poulson family christmas party at the roof! • brunch with grandpa jim & jan, tricia and jimmy • visiting ferrins at their new house with their new babe! • beaumont brunch with dunn fam • nutcracker outing for the dunn girls courtesy of papa bear, with ice cream after! • christmas eve sledding in millcreek, and dinner with the rigby family • snowy magical perfect christmas morning (how does utah do that?!) waking up at papa & yaya’s house, seeing family, and having such a fun christmas dinner with brady & mindy, tagg, lydi bennett, trav, lilly and gigi…and tagg’s new christmas puppy buddy!! • seeing friends one on one this visit instead of one huge crazy party…jensens, fowlers, gochnours, becks etc • jazz game with the amazing olsons who had us at the dinner and on the court! chase’s dream come true :) • bounce house party with family + brunch to end the visit • we love you utah , and your magical snowy cozy christmas charm that comes alongside being with those we love most! xo

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