christmas card time!

this year’s christmas cards were a story of indecisiveness, ha! ☺️🤷🏼‍♀️i didn’t have the time to choose, so ordered them all and sent different ones. luckily they were all the same card which i loved, but i couldn’t quite decide on the photo — we had one iphone photo shot that was my favorite for the smiles (my dad took it in the summer and made the girls laugh and i thought it captured all of us the best…but we also had family photos taken in san francisco that i loved the feel of, yet couldn’t choose just one that i loved of all of us. so we ended up with a few but i was glad for the options — and the ability to change out the back and front!

i’ve used and loved tinyprints (now part of shutterfly) for years and years and i love hanging all of our former cards up to see our family change each year. here’s to happy mailboxes all month long!

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