October 2019

October oh my goodness!!!
My dad giving the devotional at the Y // SF for our friend Scott’s big birthday bash! // busy busy work month // young women’s hike night // book club for moment of lift // HARVEST weekend at Taryn’s farm in gridley! // General Conference // A big trip with Chase through Morocco, then meeting my parents in Mallorca to cycle and explore! // Chase’s cute parents visiting + our au pair watching the girls at home for a week!! // Also our besties taking Rea to Happy Hollow // Chase staying on for business in France and Germany // Witches girls night at Linds’ // Cheering on our favorite cheerleader Sophia at the Los Altos High football game! // Shoreline Park with our Yoder pals // Trunk or Treat Chili cookoff and party! // Tutu School pumpkin decorating party // afternoon library dates with my girls // Halloween park play date with friends // dropping lots of Zume pizzas to friends! // at-home massage after all that travel and cycling…the best // DISNEY ON ICE with some of our besties! // busy Crèche kickoff // getting in a bike ride with Chase! // U Alum – Silicon Valley first event, a book drive at the park // Trick or Treat downtown MV // fun Utah games!!! // Poor Rea getting croup, and then Claire and Chase getting a bad cold…I somehow escaped it! // Claire starting to go from two naps to one, getting a few last teeth, and being a trooper! // doing Tasting Tuesday, bread edition at work // Oakland temple for our good friend Tara’s endowment session .. love her // and ending with fun fun HALLOWEEN with a million activities and events that day! // love our falls here and this one was no exception! oh and getting john legend pictures back from when we met him end of september :) still smiling from that ! xo

also wanted to share a few new favorite things we discovered this month:
Daily Harvest smoothies (new obsession! you can use my code emi for $25 off a first box…i did a trial and we are hooked!),
Blue light blocker from Eyejust for my phone and laptop, then also got blue light blocking glasses that were linked on a gift guide and I love! Back at work now I spend a lot of time on the computer and my eyes have been thanking me, especially at night, for less blue light.
— Got this hilarious bib, new from Grabease for our messy eater Claire. It looks a little extreme haha but I love to use it for certain meals- acai bowls, etc. It’s been so nice to just take off and have her clothes and the high chair clean!
Pulp chips! Found them while doing some work research on sustainable food companies. These are made from leftover juice pulp and delicious…plus I love seeing my girls munch on chips and know that they are made of fruits and vegetables!
Dotti Shop – Finally got some of my cute college friend’s designed dresses, which are the most darling ever if you have little girls!

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