Harvest Weekend in Gridley!

Harvest Weekend in Gridley!

Harvest Weekend at our friend Taryn’s family farm, north of us a few hours, has been something we’ve been trying to do the past couple of years since meeting Taryn! It always conflicted with other vacations this time of year, but when this one lined up to be the weekend before Chase and I were leaving to Europe, I jumped at the chance to make it up here! It did not disappoint, and we hope to make this an October conference weekend tradition :)

Her family owns a walnut farm and also grows kiwis! We got to walk through the whole process for both, and eat/ pick as many as we wanted too! This kind of thing is my dream to see food processes, be with friends, and have my girls so entertained and happy! Taryn’s parents are amazing and hosted us in the most fun way possible. Chase couldn’t make it happen with crazy work and us leaving town right after, so it was a road trip for me and the girls!! Loved it all, and be back next year hopefully!

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