august ’19

August began in Southern California, doing LA to visit our friends the Hammels, and then going from there to Newport for a week at the beach with my family. We did Disneyland too which was such a highlight! Claire turned one on on the last day of the trip, so we celebrated her there and then had a big fun Claire Pear party when we got back to the Bay! We had some swim dates with friends, trained up to the city for a Giants day game with the girls (Chase came over from work and met us for some of it :) my mom came to visit and we spent a fun day in SF with her — and set up the UU Silicon Valley Alumni Board! Did the San Jose Children’s Museum and toured Adobe with our favorite intern Autumn, visited the Happiness Farm in Sunnyvale, girls night out to the movies to see Bernadette, fun YW back to school meal prep activity at my house, Rea starting gymnastics class, ward beach day, having some high school friends over who just moved to the Bay, yay Meisha and Sam! YW presidency meetings, preschool parent meetings, job interviews for me- ah!, Chase in NYC, our little friend Saylor’s birthday party, Stanford fountain scavenger hunt with youth, start of the football season, and ended the last day of the month taking off on my solo trip to Mexico City (!!) and also getting a job offer that same day as my plane was about to take off! Lots of changes ahead, but it feels like good timing as fall begins, preschool starts for Rea, and we’re in the swing of a new phase! Happy September!

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  1. September 5, 2019 @ 1:57 pm Jess

    Congrats on a new job! Exciting!


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