reagan at 3 years old

reagan at 3 years old

Little Rea is THREE!!!
I can’t believe it but can, because she acts like a 5 year old…so in a way I am glad she’s only 3 – ha! I seriously wish I was still doing monthly lists and updates even at this age – Reagan has so many hilarious things she has done every day of this past year. She’s hysterical! Luckily the (long) video above shows a taste of her love and zest for life. Highlights from this year are..

– She honestly knows and remembers everyone’s names…from the grocery clerk at Trader Joe’s, to the moms and dads of all her friends, to people’s middle names. She loves learning names and seriously never forgets once you tell her. I wish I had that skill! :)

– Speaking of memory, hers is insane. She remembers things from months ago out of nowhere. She can tell you what all her friends were dressed as last Halloween, what we ate for lunch 2 weeks ago, what she wore a certain day, etc.

– The memory thing also relates to music. She hears a song once and knows it. Her singing is seriously amazing and hilarious how she knows each lyric to hundreds of songs!

– She acts like at least a 4 or 5 year old, and is so tall that this entire year no one we met would ever believe she was 2!

– She is the best conversationalist possible. Her talking is out of control and so hilarious. She picks up on new words every day and speaks so clearly. EVERYONE comments on it when they hear her talk.

– Most nights she goes to bed asking “what’s tomorrow?!” and lives life so excited & happy.

– Calls me Emi instead of Mom, haha!

– She loves brushing teeth herself and “flossing”. Each night she chooses between minty, strawberry, and bubblegum toothpaste and you never know which one she is in the mood for. Going to her first dentist appointment was a highlight, which was a pleasant surprise. Usually, taking kids to see a Dentist in Middletown is not the best experience as kids can be really uncertain of it! It is important to take your children to see a dentist regularly, to maintain their oral health and also so that they get used to it. It would also be sensible to make sure you know how to find an emergency dentist in case you ever need an emergency appointment.

– She loves a good game and has played the ‘Princess Matching Game’ probably 1,000 times in her life (and so have we ;). We turn it into Go Fish, do the forehead guessing game, etc. She also loves Candy Land, puzzles, her train set, blocks, magnets, coloring, etc. She’s so curious and loves to learn.

– Best imagination, and can play for hours by herself making things up.. going on “trips” and packing her suitcase, driving an “uver” to the airport, teaching her own ballet or music class, being at schools, etc

Her favorite toys are:

  • all her sparkly princess dolls she got for Christmas. She plays with them a few times daily in her doll house and all over.
  • Her lookalike American girl doll who was actually mine, passed down. She has named her Emily ? and plays with her all around the house.

– Loves “Megan Stigby” stories from dad and has started to come up with her own.

– Also requires “going on a treasure hunt” back rub from mom before bed.

– Amazing eater and appetite! I love that she will try anything and eats mostly every meal along with what Chase and I are eating. She almost always will finish her entire plate while others her age take one bite- ha! She does love desserts and a good treat at the end of the night!!

– We’ve had a fun year of routine with Monday morning ballet, Tuesday morning library for story time and crafts (+ checking out new books of course) Wednesday music time, Thursday swimming, and Friday adventures!

– She loves songs very most, but also loves to read. When she does rarely get to watch a show, she can choose between Daniel Tiger or Llama Llama :)

– She bas been so darling with Claire and copies what we do with her. When she’s crying she runs over and says “hi baby, it’s okay, i’m here.”

– Serious scrunched up face when singing.

– Stopped the binky overnight when she turned 3 because Fauna, Flora & Merriweather fairies came and got it!

– Can’t wait to start chewing gum now that she is 3! :)

– She also can’t wait for preschool & primary. Asks every day when she will go.

Love this girl and we had so much fun celebrating her birthday with a magical princess party! Pictures in this post :) Below are a few from the morning of her birthday, when she opened her presents, had acai breakfast, and went to get her nails done for the first time with mom and yaya. Pretty magical! Happy 3, little R!

See more of the princess party here. Love you Rea!