Reagan’s Princess Party!

It was so sweet and special to celebrate little Rea’s 3rd birthday with a full-on princess party! It was her dream and ended up being so fun for all of us. We all dressed up (Rea as Rapunzel, Claire as Cinderella, Me as Elsa and Chase as Prince Charming :) and had little friends come as their favorite princess (or prince). We had a few cute little ideas and themed the food according to each princess. I listed what we did below the pictures, for anyone planning a princess party in the future :)


Moana’s Pineapple Chicken
“Rapunzel’s angel hair pasta”
“Cinderella’s Pumpkins” (peeled clementines with celery pieces on top)
“Cinderella’s brooms” (square rice krispies with straws stuck in)
“Snow White’s Apples”
“Seven Dwarves 7 Layer Dip”
“Belle’s Baguettes”
Ariel’s fish crackers (goldfish)
“Sleeping Beauty’s Magic Kisses” (Hersheys kisses)
Pocahontas’ Corn salad
Mulan’s rice
Jasmine’s magic carpet crackers (graham crackers)
Tiana’s beignets
Anna & Elsa’s frozen drinks (ice and water :)
Princess cake (using Princess barbie, but I messed up the dress shape ;)

I got darling crown straws + food labels made by this Etsy Shop – Paper Trail by Laura B) and found our girls’ costumes at Little Adventures which are the cutest and comfiest ever for them!

Magic carpet rides (blanket on grass)
“Pin the kiss on the frog”
Princess lessons – wave, curtsy, blow kisses, twirl and dance, say hello in:
Belle’s language- Bonjour
Mulan- Ni hao
Moana- Aloha
Talk to a Disney princess on Google Home
Storytime with Prince Charming
Singalong and songs

Pure magic! xo

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