Grand Teton National Park 2019

Another heavenly year in the best place on earth. This year we got some of our California besties to join for a few days with my family, since they had never been! Other highlights included: introducing Claire to the Tetons, staying in a little cabin near the tent cabins for the first time (game changer for little ones sleeping :), water skiing on glassy Jackson Lake, seeing Reagan jump in the ice cold water and go tubing, having cousins together, celebrating Chase’s birthday in Jackson town and up in the Tetons, cooking Dutch oven meals together, Jokers & Marbles every night, a big thunderstorm and cold day that had us playing games inside, running to the lodge, Leeks Pizza, and…such a memorable surprise…finding out we had a new baby NEPHEW William! We will always remember getting that news on this trip! Love this place more every time I get to return. So lucky to have so many memories here, and only continue them! ♥

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