claire one year

claire one year

sweetest claire babe is one!! i love this age and milestone – it feels like such a big one to get to! we have loved her first year and she has made it easy. she is everything darling and we really are all in love with her. i can’t wait to keep watching her grow. she already has such her own personality about her and has been a constant infusion of sweetness & happiness in our family. she’s been a little peacemaker during some tantrum toddler moments ;) for her big sis and though i know those will come, i love and value the calm vibe she brings me now. i adore seeing her with rea and vice versa.

i’ve loved every moment with claire this year. i will always cherish our mornings nursing, waking up to her smiling sweet giggling face, looking up at me with her big blue eyes.

she has something so special about her that i can’t quite put into words, but all who know her feel it. she is a LOVE.

at one year, she weighs 19 lbs 10 ounces (48th percentile), is 30.75 inches long (94th percentile), and 45.5 inch head size (66th percentile).

her favorite things to do are: wave to everyone!! give hugs and get passed from person to person. crawl, walk holding hands (and a little on her own!) dance with rea, sort items into boxes…ride in the bucket bike… and EAT!

little friends her age include: her sister rea, maryn fowler (bday twins!!) jane palmer, charlotte bennion, hazel seiter!

favorite people: mom, yaya, rea, dad, autumn, papa(s), mimi…but she smiles and waves to everyone :)

eats so well with her signature cutest lip smacking :) and loves anything including salad (by the handful- haha)! she loves sandwiches, pesto noodles, chese, chicken, all fruit, (blueberries especially!!) anything! she had her first ice cream cone this month and held onto that with the tightest grip possible…hahah she LOVED it! also loves smoothies and my homemade ice cream. she get a little impatient when hungry and waiting to eat :)

loves her baby bunny puppet finger books and flipping through all books and touching all the faces/animals. loves music and her favorite song is baby beluga!

her main favorite word/sound is “AH!” she also says “mama,” “dada” “rah-rah”, “wawa” “BAH!” and more babbling. also loves blowing raspberries.

in her first year she went to SLC a few times, disney world and disneyland, eureka and the north coast, alabama, georgia, south carolina, scottsdale, tetons, LA and newport…and been an angel through it all!

amazing sleeper, through the night always. she loves her bunny binkie and lovie. hugs all stuffed animals in the cutest ways.

we call her clairebee, cc, clairey, sis!

longest blonde hair that keeps growing so fast! it’s WAY longer than rea’s was at this age!

she’s happy, content, and excited about life. she’s curious, spunky and friendly! i am so so in love with her.

her one year video below. . . and under that, pictures of her actual birthday where she woke up in newport beach on a trip with family! it was a fun day, and then we got to celebrate her back home in the bay with a claire pear party ♡♡ happy one, c!

one year of c!

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