june 2019!

– started the month celebrating our 7 year anni!
– had chase around the entire month before starting his new job and leaving google after 6 years!
– moving in a cute summer intern to live with us for the summer after her housing fell through! we all love her!
– lots of bike rides..to the beach to meet chase and the girls, across the dumbarton bridge, and more
– fun lunch with knights and dinner with dials
– east bay day and looking at homes in oakland
– rea starting suzi school!
– swim days at sar’s
– date nights thanks to autumn our intern :)
– hosting a water splash party in our backyard
– our friend aiden’s 4th birthday, and going away bbq for ward friends!
– father’s day fun with lots of friends and a big potluck!
– visiting young women’s camp
– visit from our friend mckelle!
– taco tuesdays and movie date nights
– mini golf with our girls!
– city days! (and me biking up there :)
– randall museum in SF
– golden gate park carousel
– berry picking at swanton
– teaching young womens!
– goodbye to google
– ending the month in scottsdale on a fun getaway before salt lake!

i LOVED june … being in the bay and having chase home with us … kicking off summer but not fully in the swing yet … and soaking up time together before crazy summer travels. a sweet and special month!

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