claire 11 months

Claire continues to bring so much happiness + friendliness everywhere she goes. People fall in love with her all over the place, which was even more apparent this month during our summer travels. On planes, at hotels, restaurants, etc…people would stop and fawn over her smiling at them from across the room. Same thing in Utah seeing friends and family! She was so happy being there, and gave plenty of hugs and smiles.

She is cuter by the second and is still a dream baby. She goes to sleep easily without a peep, can doze on the go, and only squawks when she’s really hungry :). Best little eater too– she loves everything and chews food so well…and with a lip smacking sound that is the cutest thing ever.

More and more she is playing with Reagan and interacting with other kids at this age. So fun to see her be part of the fun! Love watching this little girl!

☻ Eyes still bright blue, hair blonde and so long for her age!
☻ She laughs when people sneeze, make funny faces, tickle her, when we dance with her, when Rea jumps, and doing the song “Grand Old Duke of York” with her bouncing on our knees.
☻ Favorite song is Baby Beluga
☻ Noises she makes: “Ah!” (most common, all day long) Also “mama” “yaya” “baba” “dada” and “ra-ra” for ray-ray
☻ She crawls so fast, loves to climb stairs, stands, and walks holding hands! Getting close!
☻ Keeps getting more teeth – she has her 4 top front, 4 bottom, and back molars coming in (poor thing!)
☻ She loves the dollhouse and stands and plays at it endlessly with Rea!
☻ She is an amazing sleeper, even on summer trips and camping, etc!
☻ She does the cutest princess wave to every person she sees and it charms everyone :)
☻ Loves to give long hugs and switch between everyone holding her.

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