Our 7th Anniversary!

Our 7th Anniversary!

Lucky number seven! So fun to celebrate our anniversary each year and marvel at what has changed and what has stayed the same! I’m grateful for a husband who knows me so well and keeps loving me through all our different phases we have had. Life is pretty sweet right now with our two little blondies and our life here. Some changes are coming for Chase with work, so it was fun to have a date and talk about all that we’ve done together and all that is ahead! I love building a life with this man and figuring out the balance as we go. We had a fun day with our little ones, and then a nice date out to The Sea in Palo Alto. We pass by it all of the time and needed an excuse to go try! It was amazing seafood and a fun romantic date. Any time we have a babysitter is honestly a special occasion in itself! Chase always finds the perfect anniversary gifts to line up with the traditional theme. This year was copper for 7, and he found pretty earrings + of course wrote a clever card all about the characteristics copper and how it relates to marriage. He got a far less clever gift from me, which was a bunch of pocket tees (his favorite thing to wear) from Target because he found some that he loved…so now he has plenty of colors :) Next year I’m going to have a look at some watches by Frederique Constant, I think he could do with a few more items for his wrist. I might even have a look at a way of getting him something fun and custom for next year, just to show I’ve also put some effort into gift-giving too! I’ve seen some options for personalized anniversary gifts online, so that’s definitely something to consider! Back to this year and, once dinner was done, we finished by watching the Marilyn Monroe movie The Seven Year Itch which seemed fitting ha!

Thankful for marriage and the way it makes us better people as we go!

More details about The Sea..
We had the famed Hamachi Shots as an appetizer which were great..Chase also ordered the “lobster rocks” appetizer which were tasty and unique!
My main dish was the Seared Mero fish and I was obsessed! It was so delicious and I need to go get it again. It’s a Hawaiian fish I had never tried before, and prepared perfectly with meyer lemon, kale, bacon and grapes sautéed on the side. Loved every bite. Chase had the Black Sea Bass with blue crab & asparagus. To finish we had the Hot Chocolate Soufflé cake, which is so fun and impressive looking but actually wasn’t our favorite compared to a classic soufflé. We did love the vanilla ice cream macaron though! And of course Chase was thrilled about the cotton candy that every table gets at the end of the meal :)

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