claire 10 months

claire 10 months

Claire is just continuing to grow up so fast! At 10 months she is now totally part of the action — following us from room to room – pulling up to stand and see what’s going on – turning through books – clapping at everything, starting to chat and be more verbal – and just playing and adding more fun to our house! Chase and I still can’t get over the fact that this sweet pea is ours! It’s such a good phase right now with both of these girls.

Things to remember from this age..
> Still smiling at everyone and everything, now with the added cuteness of clapping and bouncing up and down when she’s excited

> Such a speedy little crawler, which she has to be to keep up with sister!

> Eating and sleeping so well. She loves strawberries, bread, watermelon, chicken, cheese, chugging water, eating apples (core especially – haha!) She loves things the most that she can hold and eat or feed herself and doesn’t like being spoon fed very much… but she doesn’t turn things away. We all love her cute little lip smacking as she eats.

> She loves giving high fives still!

> Finally starting to babble more, saying “ra ra” (we think it’s rea rea) and still “aaaaahh” “haaa” plus plenty of giggles and squeals!

> She doesn’t like being squeezed from behind by sister (R’s favorite thing to do right now, haha) or waiting to eat when she is hungry :)

> She loves her big sister. She looks for her the minute she wakes up and every time we enter a room. It’s so fun now that they can start to play together. They love standing at the doll house and moving things around, taking tubs, riding side by side in the stroller and bucket bike, and listening to music + dancing together.

> Every morning I nurse her and bring her into our bed, and she flops around and plays and Rea comes in and joins…we cherish these morning cuddles and every single moment with her!

Love you c bear!

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