sharing the coolest company for summer today, CAUSEBOX! out of all of the different subscription mailing services there are, this is finally one i love and can get behind, since
A) each product inside of it has a story and gives back in some way
B) not only do all of the products do good, they are good! you get darling curated items for each season, and i loved every single item in the box and would have wanted it separately.
C) i couldn’t have gotten any of the items anywhere else or at a store, since they are exclusive to causebox for the season…so it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN!

truly i am such a fan and wouldn’t have shared otherwise! i don’t do other subscription boxes because when i have tried them in the past, there have always been a few items i haven’t liked and it felt like a waste. this is full of fun, unique and darling items and i love reading about the stories and causes behind each brand. it’s a fun way to learn about new brands and stories and products, and each thing has already been useful for us this summer – from the cutest beach bag, to high quality sunscreen, to the caftan i have always wanted for the beach, cute trendy scrunchies, a tumbler to keep my water icy, fancy face wash, even a cute zipper pouch for wet swimsuits (instead of plastic bags i usually have used). and more. love love and can’t wait to see what future boxes hold! i love this company which is a force for good, spreading the word about companies and charities who are fighting for a better world ♡

if you want to try them out with me, use discount code emi10 for $10 off of your first CAUSEBOX! for less than $50 you get a box full of items worth $275+ that also give back. best shopping experience i’ve had in a while :)

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