Swept away in Savannah

Swept away in Savannah

beautiful rowhouses – huge avenues – gorgeous parks & squares – spanish moss – giant oak trees – huge churches – gas lanterns lining the streets – this place is a feast for the eyes and a pleasure just to walk around in! it was the original capital of georgia, and therefore filled with so much history and spirit. it has different feels depending on where in the city you are… bustling and trendy along broughton street and city market area … historic and elegant up bull street to forsyth park and through all the squares .. a little wild & touristy along the waterfront… there is something for everyone here, and we loved our time exploring! here was our rundown..


  • Stroll the Historic District!
  • Shop Broughton Street
  • Water Street Riverfront
  • Chippewa Square is the setting where the Forrest Gump “life is like a box of chocolates” bench scene was filmed. Fittingly, there is also a cute chocolate shop right across from where the bench was, called Chocolat by Andam Turoni.
  • Madison Square: the charming squares continue as you make your way along Bull Street
  • Monterey Square: has beautiful moss covered trees and the Pulaski Monument.
  • These squares are surrounded by beautiful historic homes including the Mercer Williams House and more.
  • Owens Thomas house
  • Forsyth Park and fountain: one of the prettier parks you’ll ever visit!
  • Stroll Bull Street – Jones Street
  • Trolley tour or horse-drawn carriage are fun options to get off your feet for a bit and hear some fun history.
  • City Market is fun to walk through. Sample the cookie flavors at Byrd’s, listen to live music in the evening, and if you’ve had a little too much Southern food- try VinnieVanGoGo’s for cash-only pizza one night (their pesto hit the spot after a few days of of fried chicken :)
  • Telfair Academy Museu,
  • Starland District to see a more up-and-coming artistic area!
  • A bit out side of town:
    — Tybee Island (beach)
    — Bonaventure cemetery
    — Wormsloe Historic Sight

Savannah Restaurants:
– Collins Quarter: trendy cute brunch place (not Southern but amazing)
– Olde pink house restaurant: a classic Savannah stop with classic Southern food. Best to have a reservation!
– Huey’s on the River for beignets
– Mrs Wilkes dining room- fun family style southern dining.. $20 per person, and they seat you at big tables and serve away!
– Vic’s on the River
– Treylor Park for a creative take on Southern food
– The Grey
– Narobia’s Grits & Gravy
– Maple Street Biscuit
– The Lady & Sons (Paula Deen’s restaurant)
– Soho South – cute warehouse, sandwiches and salads
– Desposito’s for CRAB (a bit outside town) or Pearl’s Saltwater Grille
– Leopold’s Ice Cream (be prepared for a line :)
– Byrd’s Famous Cookies


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  • I’m planning a trip to Savannah in September- we will have a 6 month old baby with us. Other people have made me nervous about taking an infant….were you able to enjoy most of the sites with a baby in tow? Did the Olde Pink House give you any trouble for bringing kids?

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