claire 9 months!!

claire 9 months!!

9 months is a fun milestone, since baby has now been out in the world as long as she was inside the womb! also because she is such a little person now and beginning to leave the baby stage. that’s so bittersweet, but because of having a sister to keep up with, it’s more sweet and FUN to watch them interact more by the day! we get such a kick out of seeing them do anything together, and watching claire keep figuring new things out! at nine months..

♡ we have a crawler!! she started to get the crawling motion right before our trip mid april, and did actual crawls on my birthday in hilton head! she really got it down the next week as we got home, and is now on the move! it will be an adjustment to be chasing her, but it’s also so fun and exciting to see her realize she can go after things on her own! it’s so cute to have reagan cheering her on and helping her crawl. we’re all so excited!

♡ SMILER. this girl is honestly constantly beaming at everyone around her! i’m not just saying this…95% of the time you will see her with a huge grin. everyone notices it and loves that she is smiling at them. she makes us lots of friends and i have to keep recording it because i want her to later read what a happy, sweet, friendly and smiley baby she has been.

♡ best little eater. she will eat anything and everything, feeds herself, and can eat so much! she loves it and although we have some baby food, she mainly eats what we are eating just in small pieces.

♡ sleeping through the night still, even on our trip! she is a good napper and amazingly flexible to our differing schedule each day. it’s not as easy with the second child to have a set nap schedule, but she stays happy and goes with the flow as of now – doing two long naps (one morning one afternoon) if we are home, or about three shorter ones if we’re on the go. luckily she’s pretty much happy anytime we are out and about and adjusts well!

♡ newest tricks.. she’s starting to wave and has learned to high 5!

♡ now that she’s on the move she goes right for all of reagan’s toys when she’s not looking, haha!

♡ her blonde hair is so much longer than reagan’s ever was at this phase! like, at least 3 times longer! it already goes down past her eyes and we have to put it up in a pony. she also has more teeth than rea did – her two top and bottom have fully come in, and the top sides are almost all the way in too!

this little girl is so special and sweet. we are honestly stopped on the street a few times a day because she is just grinning at everyone around her and they fall in love with her. we know how they feel! xo

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