Easter 2019 celebrations

I don’t know if it’s because we have kids, but every holiday celebration seems to be stretching out longer and longer now! It feels like we celebrate for a few weeks leading up to every holiday, big and small! I love it and take any excuse to be festive, but it is a little funny when the actual holiday comes around and I am already worn out from it! Luckily Easter is the most special thing to celebrate and my goal was just to keep the focus on it as we did lots of fun activities around it. We dyed eggs in Salt Lake while visiting family, hosted an Easter brunch and egg hunt at our house with California friends, went to the little town of Los Altos egg hunt event, an Easter party at R’s ballet studio to decorate baskets and have treats, did our own Easter morning baskets + an egg hunt with neighbors, then of course church and the amazing program there, and lastly a big Easter dinner in the park with some of our best friends … with an Easter egg hunt to cap it all off there of course :)
We may have had one too many egg hunts, but in general I like over-celebrating to under. As long as the focus is kept on the reason, it’s fun to have plenty of festivities. Last year around this time Chase and I had just returned from our Israel trip, which forever added even more meaning to Easter. It is so tangible to me that He lived, He died for us, and He lives again. There’s nothing more powerful or important in this world. We celebrate Him, and that through Him all pain and sorrow will end. Happy Easter ♥

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