claire 8 months

claire 8 months

our baby doll is coming to life more and more!

this month was filled with lots of her…
giggles, two front teeth popping through, big smiles (at EVERYONE!), playing with sister, becoming so interested in toys and objects, waving her arm, sitting and scooting, pulling up on things, leg kicking, pivoting and (almost) crawling, eating so well and loving all food, sleeping all night, watching sister, doing her humming sound back & forth with us, visiting lots of family and friends in utah, and just being happy to be part of anything where her people are! she is a joy and a love and makes everyone happy. i feel like i have known her forever, and she is so meant for us. love seeing her grow & change every day!


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  • I love this girl and this collage is so darling. Thanks for sharing time with us this past week. WE love you all so much.

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