claire 7 months!

claire 7 months!

Clairey, Claire-bee, C babe, Claireby Beluga…Claire has completely come into her own even more this past month. I forgot how even this age can have so much personality! She’s becoming more opinionated ;), more fun, and more interested in everything. She is so focused on toys, books, songs, foods, etc. She makes her opinion known and does NOT like to miss out on the fun- ha! Still very sweet, just doesn’t like to be left alone. She loves to be by her sister, other kids, mom & dad, anyone! Everyone in public loves how she gives giant grins if they look at her. Her hair is growing so long (way longer than R’s was at this age) so we already have it in a little whale spout pony. That combined with her two bottom teeth and darling face is almost too much cuteness to handle! A few highlights from this age:

♥ Claire loves back tickles (just like her mama) and she’ll calm down the second you start rubbing her back. She’ll cuddle up like she’s hugging you and just let you tickle her back.

♥ She pops her feet out of any jammies she’s in with her little constant kicking legs. Reagan never did this and we don’t know how she escapes from every pair of jammies, haha!

♥ She laughs so hard all day long, at us jumping, making funny sounds, doing peek a boo, or just laughing…she’ll laugh right back! She thinks anything Rea does is so funny

♥ Sitting up well, and will sit and play with things happily. I love when this phase hits! She also loves looking at books (she will slide her hands all over the pages of every book) and loves turning pages of board books. Each Peach Pear Plum is a current favorite that Reagan loves to read to her.

♥ She sleeps through the night about 80% of the time…roughly one night a week she’ll wake in the night to nurse, but generally has basically sleep trained herself! Right now it looks like some more teething is beginning, so that always throws things off a little bit.

♥ She’s moving around with rolls, pivots, and maneuvers, but no signs of crawling yet!

♥ Making so many sounds and babbling at us all day every day. Cutest little voice. We all can’t wait for one day when she’s really talking and we can hear her thoughts! :)

♥ Good eater and loves everything…both girls eat what we’re having for meals, which I hope we can always keep up. We do some puréed baby food, but thanks to her getting teeth a little earlier, she’s also already chewing little bits of food which makes it nice! She loves everything from cream of wheat to sweet potatoes, cottage cheese, salmon, all fruit, etc!

♥ She is the best cuddler. She will nuzzle up on your shoulder while holding her, and it’s especially amazing after she nurses at night. She lays her head on my shoulder and breathes in my ear like a little puppy :) It is my true heaven and I always soak it in as long as I can before laying her down for bed!

♥ Claire and Rea are the cutest sisters together. Reagan dotes on Claire, plays with her, and loves to help take care of her. She always announces things like “Mom I hear Claire, she’s up from her nap!”, “Mom I think Claire is hungry” “Mom does Claire need a coat?” etc etc etc. Meanwhile Claire lights up any time she sees or hears Reagan.

Love you Claire girlfriend!


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