ginny & linny visit!

it was the best ever to get my mom and grandma out here for a visit! my grandma ginny is such a firecracker and so fun to be around. she’s 87 years young and so full of energy and life, just how i hope to be at her age (and even my age haha!) combine her with my mom, and it’s the biggest party! my gram is from the bay originally, so it’s always special to get her out here. she hasn’t visited in years – since we first moved here – so we LOVED having her here, having them stay with us, taking her to tour google, see reagan’s ballet, walk shoreline, eat out at lemonade, los altos grill, sajj and more favorite spots, hang around our house, show her our neighborhood, and even hike the stanford dish (4 miles and lots of hills)… only my 87 year old grandma would be up for all the walking and hiking and playing! thanks for the best time ever, linny & ginny!

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