Las Vegas Trip!

We headed to Las Vegas for the week of Thanksgiving to meet up with Chase’s family!
It was semi-halfway for us coming from the Bay and them from Utah, and just a warmer
+ different place to do Thanksgiving this year. I hadn’t been forever and forgot that
it actually can be so fun! We stayed in a timeshare property a bit off The Strip,
swam, spent time together, ate, shopped, went into The Bellagio
(rated number one in this Top 10 Casinos list), and did the sights during the
morning when the streets were cleaner and less crowded – ha!
Cousin time at the Bellagio gardens! ^^
We had to take a picture at Milk Bar in honor of baby Claire’s favorite (and only ;) food!
Inside of the Cosmo hotel … so Vegas! There are some good eats in this hotel..
Eggslut, Secret Pizza, Momofuku + Milk Bar, etc!
Walking The Strip!
Shoulder ride crew!
Rea loves her little cousin pal Parker :) ^^ Seeing the sights, haha ^^ Crazy how you can feel like you’re seeing the world on one tiny strip!
Strollin’ the Strip ^^
The Bellagio gardens were impressive as always! ^^
So cute seeing Rea & her cousin Parker explore together :)
After walking about 6 miles little Rea was tired and ready for a nap…
we didn’t have her second stroller seat that day, so Chase put her in
the baby car seat since Claire was strapped to me — haha she rode in it
laughing at first as a joke, but then really did somehow fall asleep! Ha! ^^
Lots of sights + treats everywhere we went.Happy traveler ^^
Matchy sissies ^^
Matching again :) ^^ Chase picked these outfits out!
^^ Always hand in hand with cousins …
And again …
And again :)
Everyone went to see the new Grinch movie … Reagan’s first movie at a theatre!
She loved it and lasted the whole time because she was so thrilled :)
Chase LOVES going out to movies, so this was his dream to have all of us at one haha.
Had the place practically to ourselves, ha! ^^
Palm trees and pictures with Santa ^^
Warm enough for some swimming! ^^
Worth the short drive to Henderson for these best. donuts. EVER. Seriously!
Pretty fun group of girl cousins!
And some runs to a view of LV ^^
Hotel bed hangs ^^
Swinging and galloping around with Mimi ^^
Shopping night out ^^
Unicorn rides and cute cousins ^^
Sunsets + burgers at the condo
Taking in the sights of “Venice” ;)
Late nights + cousin sleepovers for these girlies I(t was a fake sleepover for Reagan and
lasted 20 min before her cute cousin Kate went back to her room haha)
Always love reuniting with family!! ^^ Little Rea getting a little hangry haha
But then happy again once we picked a restaurant and she could play with cousins :)
SkinnyFats … YUM.
Ice cream to end the night :)
Cookies + new PJ’s from the cutest mother in law to end our last night!
…and…it’s not a family trip without at least one owie for little R.
She hit her head on a counter top in the condo and it bled so much!
We were so panicked and thinking we’d have to go get stitches, but
once we cleaned it up the actual cut was small- just bled a lot!

Always so good to get away and especially be with family!
Thanks Rigbys!

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