I love that Friendsgiving is a thing.. and love even more that this
was our third year doing it with the best Bay friends. It is a dream!
Not too much work to do just one or two dishes, so everyone makes
them really extra good, then it is the best meal ever with the best people
ever and we leave feeing so full of friendship and food! Cheesy, but true.
I love this extra “holiday” before actual Thanksgiving to a) get double the
Thanksgiving meals ;) and b) spend time with such good friends who truly
feel like our family here in the Bay. So glad to have a chance to feel extra grateful
for them. It is such a bonus of living away, to have friends who are like family.
Our amazing friend Steph hosted it and made it stunning as always!
Most beautiful setting! ^^
Can’t even describe the heaven that this was ^^
Everything. Was. Perfect. And. I. Want. This. Meal. Again. Right. Now.
Another look at that spread…
^^ Our friend Matt had the most beautiful plate award, haha just look at that
mashed potato gravy boat! Nothing better than a table full of good food and friends ^^
Plus it’s also the best to have R with all her favorite friends
so she is just happy and playing the entire time and
we can actually eat dinner and talk :)
The most darling kid’s table!
So thankful for so many things, and this kicked off Thanksgiving and the holidays so well.




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  1. December 16, 2018 @ 8:55 pm Bhanu

    Good blog post….very informative….thanks for sharing with us..


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