Claire 3 months

Clairey at 3 months!
Let’s chat about how she…

..has slept 12 hours through the night this ENTIRE month.
..smiles anytime she sees anyone looking at her :)
..feeds well, but spits up plentyyy on a good schedule now, but is still flexible and on the go with it extra long and skinny loved on by her big sis
..loves looking at the little bird toys hanging on her swing holding items a little bit!

It is so so fun to be witnessing a little baby come to life with personality all over again.
I forgot how every day they change and do something new! This month has been so good
with her starting to sleep through the night (hallelujah!) and starting to smile :)
Both things have made us so happy!

She’s awake more of the day now and getting more aware, which is so fun – but also
more busy trying to balance both girls and give them attention all day!
She goes along with the flow, is interested in everything going
on around her, and makes everything happier and better.

I love seeing her smile in the morning when we come to get her and undo her swaddle.
She stretches and yawns and just beams up at us! I love seeing her face light up
when her big sister Rea comes in the room … and how absolutely darling
Rea is with her. I hope they are always the best of friends ♥
Seriously just SUCH. a. sweetheart.
This one makes me giggle. I took sooo many and could not delete any!
Her face when she sees her sister ^^
Loved every second of this third month with bebe c!
Could not feel more lucky to have her.


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