Waitress Musical in SF!

I have been so excited to see Waitress in SF!
We’ve known it was coming for a while, so we skipped it on our
recent NYC trip just waiting to see it here. It was worth the wait!
I loved it so much and have been singing the songs nonstop since seeing it..
that’s always the sign of a good show. The cast was amazing and we were
smiling through the entire thing – from the scent of pie wafting through
the theatre lobby as we walked in, through to the final scene. I loved the
music written by Sara Bareilles …you can hear her style in it, and it’s so
different and fun. I saw the movie years ago and this was way better.
I just want to try all those pie flavors now, and be friends with this cast! :)

Highly recommend seeing it while it’s in San Francisco through Nov. 11th.
Favorite songs were “What’s Inside” and “Everything Changes” (tears!!!)
Also, “Never Ever Getting Rid Of Me” is a hilarious highlight.
“You Matter to Me” is also so sweet. I love the entire cast and the
fun fact that Jenna and her husband are engaged in real life!
Love the city lights! Also I got new glasses
(usually wear contacts) and not sure if I can pull these off …
but with the late night out I had to try them out ha!
The gorgeous Golden Gate Theatre ^^
Cheers to a date night in the city, just the two of us! A rare occasion these
days with TWO kids, and all of Chase’s travel. This was the longest we’ve
left together and it was such a treat to be together and see such a fun show.

Sugar, butter, flour! :)




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