SLC September

A last minute trip to Salt Lake ended up working out in September!
Chase had to stop through to do some recruiting for Google at the U,
so originally he was going to take Reagan and I’d stay home with baby.
But when baby came early, we realized she’d be old enough to join in..
and that way she could meet lots of our family and friends in Utah! Chase
ended up having to go to NYC for work from there, so I stayed and he flew
back a week later so we could all fly back to CA together. It was a smoother
way to start him being back at work, and have family around to help! We had
so much fun and it was perfect timing – still warm, but with fall colors beginning!
We stayed with the Rigbys the whole first week, then I stayed at my parents the
second week. It made it so nice to just focus on one side at a time and be together.
We also did Claire’s baby blessing in between, with both families. So so sweet.
Here are some quick highlights:
Baby’s first flight — and Reagan’s first one with her own paid-for seat…no longer a lap child!
Off we go!! Flying with 2 was actually so smooth, because we seem to be in a sweet
spot with ages right now – Claire is easy and nurses then sleeps the whole flight,
and Reagan finally understands and has fun flying. I know it will all change in a few months
again when we have a squirmy baby on flights, but this one was so easy and went fast!
Chase got us all upgraded to first class because of all the travel he has been doing for work..
haha ridiculous to see a 2 year old in her own first class seat! Probably never again so I hope
we all enjoyed it! That’s why I never want to fly first class…because once you do, coach seems
bad! We won’t get used to it ;) Also it was sweet to see Chase’s dad meet Claire at the airport! ^^
Hello fall!
Biggest perk of being with family..built-in babysitters :)
Chase’s cute mom took both girls a few mornings so we could run together,
not that I could keep up with him! These were my first runs back since having baby.
Plenty of entertainment at Mimi’s house! ^^
We laughed so hard at this height board for the Rigby cousins …
Reagan at 2 years old is almost as tall as her cousin Kate at 4 years old!
Coloring with Papa in the backyard! ^^
There happened to be a Chi Omega alumni night for our old sorority when I was in town!
They just redid the house and it’s so nice – it was fun to go to dessert night with some
pledge sisters and be back in our old stomping grounds! I lived in that house for 2 years
and haven’t stepped foot back in it since, so it was crazy to be back! It’s where so many
big things happened, including meeting Chase … my future husband! So weird to be back
and now have two kids haha. It made us feel old but also like we were right back in college.
^^ Still on the wall, so I guess we’re not too old ;) haha!
So much nostalgia being back here!! ^^
So much cousin play time in Utah, which is the best. Seeing R with her cousins is the sweetest!
Bestie cousins..
Zoo carousel with Bennett and Lyds!
Fun brunch with this cute friend Calli, our mamas, and both our new babes! ^^
More Lydi love ^^ Can’t get enough of these two!
We had a few movie nights at my parents house, where Reagan saw some parts
of her first movies! We watched part of Sound of Music one night, and Mary Poppins the next.
She knows all the songs but had never seen the movies, so watching her see them for the first time
was the sweetest. Even better with my mom and grandma there to watch with us! Four generations :)
Haha Reagan’s face…just in awe!
Lots of walks up Neffs, which felt so good since I hadn’t worked out in 6 weeks!
Claire sleeping through her first date with little Oliver ;) Loved seeing Abby!
Always ALWAYS a highlight with our pals the Woods! Love this kindred bestie Anna
and can’t believe we each have 2 kiddos. Love that they all love each other! Also this
was the day I was fighting off round two of mastitis, so Anna brought us lunch and
took care of me even though I was supposed to go to her. Another reason she’s the BEST.
+ + sweet cookies
Hugs for Ginny and little George ^^
Rea got to be a guest at the famous Miss Julie’s dance studio with her
little cousin Gracie! The cutest thing we ever did see…she loves her ballet
class at home in California, but this one was a kick…esp with the tap part!
Cutest cousins born 2 days apart, and look at their size difference-  ha!!
The height diff kills me. Also, both of them in tap shoes kills me! ^^
Backyard time with Mimi & Papa, and swinging with Gracie! ^^
Utah trips are the best but they wear us out being so out of routine and having lots of activity.
We all kept ending up in the same bed which I guess I wasn’t too mad about :)
So fun to see these two best friends and their blonde kiddos loving each other ha! ^^
Reagan loves the 3 Beck boys!
Just flirting, and putting them to work…
Best massage ever…one I had been looking forward to getting since pregnant,
then through all the delivery pain and recovery, this was one I actually felt like I
deserved and it couldn’t have been better … and at the nicest spa!
My dad is the baby whisperer and it was the sweetest to se baby Claire cuddled up with him always ^^
Visit from our Amanda and cutest of gifts from her and Mama Sue!
Porcupine Grill dinner … somehow ended up with the
nacho appetizer which could have just been our dinner!
Cuddles with grandma Linny and the Traeger grill master Papa! ^^
A fun night trying our friend’s new Howdy ice cream after dinner at Citris!
I got to get back on the bike for the first time in almost a year,
after being cleared to work out again after baby just before leaving on
this trip. I was slow but it was such a beautiful place to be riding …
those fall colors in Millcreek Canyon are hard to beat.
Claire getting time with Aunt Mindy, and Reagan at the cousin table
Visiting Ash and her twins! We are all obsessed!
Can’t believe we each have 2 girls -she just did both at once! :)
Waiting to pick Papa up at the train, after his 50 mile commute to work.
Sister time on a cozy fall morning at Yaya’s house!
Lots of fun visitors to come meet baby Claire this visit!
Love Megan and also our Tempest girls ^^
Last few days with Tagg, Lydi and Bennett over to play! Rea was in HEAVEN.
Claire got cousin time too…and some pretty walks in the Cove ^^
Mellow Mushroom pizza and cousin tubbies our last night in town!
Utah fall is magic, and cousin/family time is even more magic.
We love visiting SLC and it was the perfect timing to be there!




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