Claire’s baby blessing

It was sweet to bless little Claire while in Utah with our family.
When we booked a last minute trip there, we decided it made sense
to bless her at my parent’s house with most of our family in one place
rather than have them come to California for it. It was so special and nice
to gather everyone and keep it simple. Reagan’s was at our Los Altos Ward
with Bay friends + Chase’s parents and my brother and sis in law (my parents
were living in South Africa at the time)…so this was so different to have most of our
family! We missed Jeff and Whit and Brady on the East Coast, but had everyone else!

Both darling grandmas (and great-grandmas to Claire!)
Cute sis in laws, and a photobombed selfie with Bennett ;)
So glad these two were here this time, and not far away in South Africa!
So sweet of my cousin Trav to come, since neither of my brothers
could be there this time. He was in the circle as basically my little brother!
So fun to gather with everyone for baby Claire.

Grateful for our family, little baby Claire, and gospel which
gives so much sweetness and love to a new life ahead. I cannot wait
to see Claire live out these sweetest of hopes and blessings in store for her.




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