Labor Day Visitors!

Labor Day Visitors!

Labor Day is always the best to end summer with… and with baby coming 3 weeks before it,
we were definitely planning to stick around home this year. It was perfect that my parents
decided to come out and visit us, which made the holiday weekend so special and fun!

We had fun with them close to home, with a few adventures to the coast and up to the city…
and lots of cycling in between of course! (For those 3 – I am still counting down until
my six week clearance to work out! :) So it was fun to drive and meet them on the bike!
Of course we packed plenty in to a few days and it was the best to have them here.
It always reminds me that I’m sad we don’t live right by them, but it does make
visits and time together so much more special and memorable. I always love
the reuniting part, and cry at the goodbye part! I want my kids close to their
grandparents!! But we love where we live and at least we have FaceTime
and plenty of visits right? I’ll keep telling myself that :)
We were so excited to get them here!! And right before my mom’s birthday too!
It was my dad’s first time meeting Claire, at 3 weeks old. The instant he saw her
he started crying which was so tender. I love the memories of him meeting both
of my babies! (See when he met Reagan as a surprise in South Africa here :)
Of course they came bearing lots of gifts, including these individually
wrapped and labeled ones for Reagan from my dad – haha cutest grandpa.
Inside each little package was a pair of Daniel Tiger socks, which she is obsessed with
(still has seen maybe one episode, but knows every character and has all the toys and music ;)
Best gift ever — she has been wearing them ever since!
Playing with another gift from my dad…a Daniel Tiger bingo game .. and still thrilled about the socks! ^^
My dad seriously is a baby/kid whisperer. Every kid LOVES him and this
is further proven by the fact he was getting a newborn to smile on command??
Haha not even possible but she did this face over and over while in his arms ^^
Lunch at Google is always a must with visitors ^^
^^ Besties strolling downtown Castro Street
And dinner at Sweetgreen!

The next morning my parents and Chase took off early for a bike ride to the coast,
and I packed up the girls and drove down to meet them. First solo outing with both!
Cute cyclists … next time I’ll join them!!!
^^ Not a bad view for a nursing break…I let R come in the front with me while
while I nursed and we waited for our cycling crew! She’s a pretty good companion :)
They took some of our favorite beautiful roads to the coast ^^
I told her to watch for Papa Yaya and Dad on their bikes, and
this was the cute sight they rode up to when she spotted them! ^^
A framer!! ^^
Little babe back at the beach ^^
There were these beautiful pink blooms all along the road to the coast.
Love this picture of my cute parents by them!

On to Harley goat farm! It’s always a must to stop by when in this area.
Happy girl checking out the goats!It’s fun to see all the cute goats and garden, then step inside the shop
for their fresh goat cheeses, honey, olive oil and more.
Then strolling Pescadero town!
Love the cute Pescadero flowery!
BBQ joint with Papa Bear!On Sunday I got to make everyone lunch after church,
and count it as an early birthday lunch with my mom :)
Macho salad, cheesy bread, and watermelon with lime.
And rosemary lemon salmon dinner. I love having family visitors and
being able to host and cook for them since we never get to with living away!
Healthy blackberry peach crisp for dessert :)
Labor Day pancake breakfast, then wrapped baby up and off to the San Francisco Zoo!
Riding the carousel at the zoo!
^^ A picture of the grizzly bear attack survivor at the grizzly bears!
Always the prettiest gardens and plants at this zoo. The hydrangea win!
Don’t mind my newborn mama sleep-deprived eyes! ^^ But, love this crew.
Shoulder rides wearing Papa’s hat ^^
This zoo has the best playground ever!
After the zoo we walked along Lands End trail for the prettiest views of the bridge + beach..
Always fun to be up in the city!
Shopping and soaking up our last evening together!
And to GOTT’S for dinner! This is the best burger joint found in the SF Ferry
Building, Napa, Walnut Creek, and this location by us in Palo Alto.

Quite the spread after a fun Labor Day!
I finally got to try the famed “impossible burger” which is completely plant-based,
but tastes just like meat. It’s created in the Bay and done so well at Gott’s! Fish tacos + ahi burger. Everything was the best!!!
Street corn + garlic fries +sweet potato fries ^^
BEST SHAKES and cutest crew. We never wanted my parents to leave!!
Last goodbyes … good thing we would see them again so soon!


Such a happy holiday weekend, end of summer, and visit.
So good to get both my parents out here together since they are busy bees!