Claire One Month

..Claire at one month..

◦ makes the cutest high squeaky sounds always
◦  reminds us of a little bird and still seems so tiny
◦ barely cries, like ever!
◦ when she does cry, she can be consoled so easily
◦ good sleeper – doing 4-5 hour stretches at night
◦ good eater… except for falling asleep during nursing ! :)
◦ good on the bottle
◦ i got mastitis right around the month mark which was not not fun :( so awful!
◦ words to describe her are patient, aware, sweet, calm
◦  loved on by sister
◦  long and skinny
◦  lots of shiny golden blonde hair- everyone comments on it
◦  cutest lips
◦  loves being held

9 pounds 4 ounces = 44%
22.5 inches = 96% height
37 cm head = 63%

we love this girl and seriously i keep pinching myself daily that she is just here with us! it’s so fun to have a second baby because i can appreciate all the little tiny moments and stages even more, having been through them. i love seeing reagan and knowing that claire will also turn into her own little person full of so much personality..and it happens so fast. it’s so special to have siblings and a little family! claire has only brought sweetness to our home and it has been so smooth with her so far (minus the mastitis eek! she was still an angel babe through that though)

happy one month clairey girl!

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