August 2018

August 2018 is a special month we’ll remember forever – when baby #2 joined our family!
It’s been full of sweetness and sleepiness, visitors, family, and so much happiness. It’s crazy how
much can change in just one month – we’re now a family of 4 and life is so different in the best way!

Here are pictures of our month, all in order. I still can’t believe ten days into it we had our baby girl!

^^ The top pictures with R captured our last pics with the bump, taken a week before we had the baby.
She came early, and good thing because Reagan was asking every day when baby sister would be here!

We were all so excited!!
C U T E S T of play dates at our darling friends the Bauman’s house ^^
Reagan loves her Ruby & Bailey and Lindsay and Lyla, and you can see why!Date with my little babe during the last week before baby sis came!
This is the cutest spot in downtown Palo Alto called Bare Bowls ^^
We got the cinnamon toast, powerhouse bowl, and the ohana smoothie ^^
The menu is amazing and this place is right up my alley. Can’t wait to go back!
^^ Shopping date too! Loved packing in plenty of one on one time before adding to the party,
and luckily we have all loved having baby girl around – she’s only adding to the fun!
I couldn’t stop ordering things online the weeks before baby came, maybe it was part of my “nesting”
instinct ;) I love these initial necklaces to wear for both my girlies (found cheaper here!)
We also got a gift to give Reagan from baby sister when she came to the hospital…
this Daniel Tiger trolley was the perfect thing and she loves it so much.
Views from Chase’s bike rides ^^ Cannot wait to be back out on the bike in another few weeks once I’m cleared!
This cookbook is right up my alley ^^ I wish I owned more cookbooks but it’s hard to with a
tiny kitchen and so much online! This one is worth it though – and love the name / cover!
Also, little hostess gifts I wrapped up for my besties who threw my cute baby shower this month ^^
Truly the prettiest shower ever ^^ So spoiled.
Love these girls and the rest who came! (missing Sar who took this pic and did so much!)
This clock has changed our life and was perfect to get right before baby 2 arrived!
It’s a sleep trainer clock that helps toddlers know when they can get up in the morning.
Reagan is a great sleeper but sometimes wakes super early and knocks on her door or runs
out into our room. This clock can be programmed to have a wake up time – it turns yellow
30 minutes before so they know they can read/play, and then it turns green when it’s time
to wake up! I wasn’t sure how well it would work for her at this age, but she has thrived off
it and comes to the door right at 7:15 when it’s green and says “my clock is green!!!” Haha so cute.
It’s Little Hippo brand and it’s the MELLA model. Cuter and less than other similar ones!
Farmers Markets Thursday nights have been our favorite all summer long ^^
Acai bowls + rooibos tea breakfasts, plus touring open houses every Saturday on our house hunt!
^^ Setting up the girls’ room for baby #2, even though baby won’t sleep in it for months since she’ll
be in our room in the bassinet. We still made some changes and unpacked some tiny clothes!
Couldn’t stop taking pics of her this day ^^
Love this picture of my dad in the Tetons- we were so sad to miss our annual
Jackson trip with my family when the dates changed and it was too close to
baby’s arrival! I cheered myself up with a homemade Macho salad ^^
^^ Prettiest outdoor dinner with new friends in this setting
Glad we fit in lots of things with friends before baby came!
Practicing to be a big sis with her dolly, and obsessing over all puzzles and games ^^
Breakfasts out + ALL the watermelon this last month of summer! ^^
Mini pizzas on naan have been a favorite lately, since naan was on sale at Costco!
These are two favorite combos above ^^
^^ Early August sunrises that made my morning walks worth it at the end of pregnancy
Brisket burnt ends from Costco, and my current favorite salad to make.
(This brisket was good but not amazing – going to a BBQ joint is way better!!)
Got some new baby items to try this time around, like the Ollie swaddle we’ve heard
good things about! It’s crazy how many new things come out in just 2 years since last baby. ^^
I tried out this recipe for paleo chocolate chip cookies and they are my new obsession…
I love making a little mini pizookie with the extra dough :) guilty pleasure! ^^
Ballerina and hanging on the pop up green with her lolly! ^^
Fam dinner at the farmer’s market … little did we know that night I’d go into labor
and have baby the next afternoon! Glad we had this little outing before :) ^^
^^ Reagan with her Bauman besties the day we were in labor!
Since baby came early and we didn’t have family in town yet, our amazing
friend Lindsay took Reagan all day while we were at the hospital…and made
it such a fun day for R, so that I wasn’t worried or anxious about her at all!
Meanwhile, Chase’s mom flew in and made it by the night we’d had the baby,
and got to work cleaning our place – sanitizing bottles – taking care of Reagan –
and helping do the little things we hadn’t yet done before baby! She’s a saint.
She sent these hilarious pictures of adventures with Reagan while we were staying in the hospital.
Hahaa I can’t get over her zen moment on the swings ^^
BEST dinner one of our first nights back at home, from Armadillo Willy’s … thanks Shel! ^^
^^ Most AMAZING blankets my sister in law made for our girls..I’ll never be over these!
And, I finally gave into the letter board trend after seeing this light pink color of my friend’s! ^^
So fun to bring baby home and see these sisters together!! Finally felt real that we had 2 kids!Getting cute baby Claire her own little corner of the room ^^
^^ Cutest big sis with her headphones in, singing to little sis all day long
My mom visiting at the 1 week mark and meeting Claire!
(And bringing plenty of gifts for R :)
^^ Baby’s first check up at the doctor, with her big sis by her side for support :)
Cutest items for little Claire from the Tempest girls! ^^
This nursing bra has been my favorite this time around, recommended by
my friend Tammi. It’s a brand called Ollie Grey and so soft and amazing!
Sister pics in their matching name blankets haha. I can’t believe how much
bigger Reagan seems now that we have a newborn! My first baby is now a total toddler!
Some of our darling visitors, Kendall and Willa!
More sweet gifts and packages for baby C ^^ We’ve felt so much love for her from near and far!
Sweetest of babes ^^ So calm and content
We had our first real outing at just over a week, to Sunday dinner at our friends house the Knudsens! ^^
Of course our friend Kathryn had the cutest banner waiting and darling gifts:
^^ Sweetest gifts for little Claire. I didn’t expect tons of new baby clothes for a second girl,
but friends and family have been so so sweet and it makes things feel so special for her,
instead of ALL hand me downs (though I love seeing her in Reagan’s old clothes too!)
Reagan got to go to a little ballet camp run by our favorite friends the Bauman girls ^^
All these little friends in ballet clothes and having a tea party .. couldn’t be cuter!
She came home so proud with this little creation! ^^
It’s been so nice to have little camps and outings for Reagan to go to in these
weeks after baby, to keep her occupied and happy with her own things!
(And give us rest time at home with little baby c :)
At home she wants to be swaddles in blankets like baby, and take lots of pictures haha!
Dinners delivered by friends have meant so much! And been so yum ^^
The nursing hunger // need for treats is so real, but trying to keep it healthier when I can :)
These granola bites from Lark Ellen Farm are grain free and so yummy even just for snacking!
I’ve loved them on our acai bowls too. This paleo tart is amazing and so so good. Found here ^^
Cutie big sis! ^^
Chase has been taking Reagan to ballet class on his paternity leave and took these pics :)
Love little C smiling in her sister’s arms :)
Cutest of gifts from our sweet British friends! Reagan is obsessed, there was one for her too :)
Lots of hanging on the couch and catching up on sleep those first weeks :)
Sending her off to church with Chase since we haven’t taken baby yet!
Off to church with Yaya! It was so nice to have my mom here to help with everything!
Sister snoozing and sister kisses ! ^^
Lots of summer fruit before fall is here.
Reagan could have eaten this whole bowl of blueberries in one sitting if we let her!
They came freshly picked from Oregon by our cute friends who had just road tripped down.Some cute visitors from the first few days of baby ^^ Cutest little friends at a birthday party!
R’s social calendar has been more full than mine lately ;)
We MISS our bestie Hammel pals who moved to LA!
We used to do weekly dinners with them, so now they have to be via FaceTime.
Cutest fam who we can’t wait to go visit ASAP! The biggest gem in the world, our friend Liz. She does so much for us and we love that our
little girls match up in age so well. She of course brought us the best pecan crusted salmon dinner ^^
She also brought this kale salad and I NEED to re-create it because it was so so delish.
Prettiest blanket by my sister in law, and darling bows made by our cute friend in our ward.
Surrounded by such talented people and meanwhile I am the least crafty person on earth!
Soaking up having two little ones to cuddle … and LOTS of games and
puzzles have been happening with Rea and dada to keep her entertained ^^
Baby visitors continued…love having sweet chats about motherhood
with this amazing friend, and she dropped off the best bag of food ^^
Back at our favorite Thursday night market, as a fam of four!
This tiny peanut is so easy on outings right now, just snoozes! :)
Got myself back in the kitchen for our favorite staple meal.. and some yummy lemony pasta ^^
More good food at home..acai bowls with all the seeds, and BLT salad from a friend ^^
First Utah football game of the year is like Christmas at our house!
I loved seeing my cute Utes all dressed up in their red :)
Fun & foggy beach day with our ward!
Baby C’s first time at the coast ^^
Rare little date night for Chase and I while my mom was in town
and handled both babes and their bedtimes! So nice to get time together!
One eating her salmon + quinoa + sweet potatoes, the other eating her hand in search of milk! ^^
Gifts and goodbyes with yaya :( Luckily she was coming back so soon for Labor Day with my dad! ^^
Cozy foggy late summer mornings call for the sweetest of bunny slippers!
We had newborn pictures taken and can’t wait to get them back! (Chase took these on the phone)
One of my first walks with little R. I’ve been trying to take it as easy as possible but
love starting to go on walks again a few weeks after. I also have been trying to get some
one on one time with little Rea while Chase is still on leave and can stay with baby, so that
she doesn’t feel replaced! Reagan has done so well and adjusted amazingly so far.
These two cuties have had lots of time and outings together ^^
She’s still pretty sassy to him a lot of the time, but clearly loves him :)
Chase sent me this picture of R in church refusing to take her sunglasses off… haha ^^
and she is always wanting to help baby sister get fed, changed, whatever! ^^
Just pouring some tea in her British London dress ^^
Showing off her wings, wand and tutu after the cutest friend’s birthday party!
^^ Seriously does it get any cuter than a mini tea party in tutus?
Wearing her new outfit to ballet, and flying airplane on daddy’s feet..she lives the life! ^^
Pretty cute park pals ^^
We hosted play group at our place while Chase is still on leave, so he took charge haha.
Snack time, slide, sidewalk chalk, candyland, lots of fun!
My dad had a major event in NYC this month with Kenan Thompson- haha!
His network produced the Studio C season opener live, and we were sad to miss..
would have been there if it wasn’t a week after baby came! Loved these pictures though. I had to try this recipe after seeing so many amazing reviews of it,
from my friend’s mom’s website ABK! It’s called pasta margherita and so good.
Little sunbeam at nursery, and matching our cutest friend Keri in primary ha! ^^
Cute dad sleeping in the car with his 2 girls since they both fell asleep on our drive home from the beach ^^

It’s been a good, full, happy, sleepless month and I will love looking back on it forever!
Luckily it just gets more and more fun (and crazy) from here! Better catch those naps when we can ;)


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  1. September 11, 2018 @ 7:41 pm Lydia

    Such a sweet and special month for your little family! Claire is so cute. Thanks for sharing.


  2. September 11, 2018 @ 8:41 pm Anna

    Need all the food, the babies, the happiness! Love love


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