July 2018!

July felt so long and full, in a good way! Thinking back to July 1st feels like months ago —
maybe it falling during the final stretch of pregnancy made it a little slower, but that doesn’t mean
I didn’t enjoy it! We started the month in Utah with our fun and busy visit home with family,
celebrated the 4th of July and Chase’s 30th birthday there, and had a boating getaway to Midway.

We came back to the Bay in time for Reagan to turn TWO and celebrated at a fun, yellow, sunny party!
In between the rest of the month since getting back to CA we’ve been house hunting, seeing lots of
friends before baby comes, also having family date nights before baby comes, saying goodbye to some
besties who moved away, having doctor check ups, and surviving a week with Chase in NYC for
business – his last work trip before paternity leave in August! I loved our fun summery July,
but I have to admit it does feel good that August is here :) Baby month! Hope we’re ready! Cute little traveler on her last free flights under 2, to Utah and back! Swimming and doing puzzles in Salt Lake with Dad…loved having him to ourselves for 2 weeks on vacay!
Fam photos while in Utah – not the best timing for me at 8 months pregnant, but glad to have!!
Dunn fam all together from coast to coast!
Selfies with my little bestie ^^
Some of my favorite flowers.. + the SWEETEST quilt made
by my bestie Anna for baby girl #2. Can’t get over it!!
Little church cutie, being so reverent in sacrament meeting during the prayer and songs ha! ^^
And, passing out HARD after church from those 3 hours! Sundays are the best for naps for everyone!
Little girly girl shopping for nail polish, and trying on her new (too big, but cutest, :) boots from here.
Cookie delivery from one of our favorite friends Kate, who makes the BEST cc cookies!!
Reagan clearly agrees ^^
Saw these cute pink dishes at Target and couldn’t resist!
Holding her first kitty, only because this little one was so cute and at our
friend Taryn’s house! Then we picked tomatoes in her amazing garden…
Can’t get over our friend’s backyard which is like its own little farm!
These tomatoes were SO unreal delicious compared to any you can get in store.
One day I will get a green thumb and a backyard and grow my own :)
Our amazing friend also sent us home with PEACHES and homemade jams –
everyone needs a friend like Taryn !!!
Peaches & cream + puzzles ^^
Fishtail braids in Barbie’s hair, and as many dolls as possible fit into her little play stroller ^^
Swim dates with our cute pals!
Again with the boots, we’re obsessed (even though yes, I ordered them too big!!!)Yellow birthday planning ^^
Late night prep the night before the party!!
And, the fun party! ^^
The newest 2 year old!! ^^
Love both my July birthday babes ^^
Cute baking package sent by Miss Jones Baking Co – can’t wait to try!!
Tea parties and little outings with my girlfriend.
Been soaking up all our one on one time before we get another little girlfriend!
The nesting thing is real, and I have been organizing/scrubbing/decluttering
every little space in our tiny place. This drawer may NOT look organized but …
you should have seen it before ha! Hope I still have time for the important places
like the girls room and newborn clothes and clearing out space for all the baby stuff!!
Homemade Cafe Rio smothered burrito night ^^
…With these cute pals, who don’t mind sitting on our FLOOR since our dining
table is just a little cramped. Luckily they are fellow Bay – Area dwellers
who live in small spaces and don’t judge ha! ^^
Made this brownie pudding in a skillet for our dessert, which did end up being delish!
Little sushi date with our cutie pie ^^
We LOVE this place on Castro Street and keep going back!
They have an amazing summer tasting menu and we’ve loved
everything we have tried here. Yummm I’m craving it again now!
The BUSHIDO SALAD is my new favorite. If you live near Mountain View
go and try this asap. It’s so so unique and good – like an Asian slaw salad!
House hunting = so many weekends we’ve spent at open houses,
and cringing at crazy Bay Area prices haha! house hunting can be a lot to handle, especially if you are not sure what you want from a house. sometimes, it can be overwhelming, but you know the end result will be worth it. i’ve come away from looking for houses to even doing my own research into topics such as fixed price conveyancing. who would have thought i would be interested in this side of it all, but i know it will benefit me when we do eventually find a suitable place to live.

Ballet has been a highlight of this and every month! Tutu School for the win.
Part of my nesting has been stocking up on good healthier food before baby.
Loving these Square Organics – they have been my healthier yummy treat every night.
I’m also all aboard the collagen peptides train that I keep hearing so much about…
adding it into smoothies, oatmeal, etc and seriously already seeing a difference in my
skin and hair! I didn’t think I would, but feel like I have -especially noticeable when
pregnant with my skin out of wack. It’s also so good for joints which is most important!
My doctor said the right brands (esp. grass-fed) are fine when pregnant and nursing.
Vital Proteins is what I’d been recommended most, and seems to be best!
Someone passed her 2 year check up with flying colors …her choice of
reading material in the doctor waiting room made me laugh! ^^
Saddest dinner out with our Hammel besties to say goodbye before they moved to LA!
They have been some of our best friends for 5 years and part of our daily life. Our weekly
dinners and hangouts will be so missed! This was the best gift I could find, a NorCal
scented candle to remind them of home! Reagan will be so sad when she really realizes ^^
Love our besties James, Tam and Tom!! We’ll visit soon!!!!!Chase felt bad leaving us to NYC for a week at the end of my pregnancy,
so of course did the cutest thing and took Reagan’s little toy Prince Wednesday
(from Daniel Tiger) and took pictures of him during his entire trip to keep sending
us and entertaining us! Reagan LOVED it and kept saying “My dada is on a trip with
Prince Wednesday! He jumped on the hotel bed!” hahaah so cute and so funny!
Here are some of the TONS he sent:
This was the best one to get, when he was back home…with Levain cookies for his girls :) Hoping summer never ends (though when those watermelons are replaced with pumpkins
we all know we won’t be mad ;) and…found the perfect gift for baby to give Reagan at the hospital! ^^
Dinner out with our Kendall and Willa girls when both husbands were out of town ^^
Finally tried cute Mendocino Farms and liked it, just need to order better next time!
Always fun to be back at Santana Row, and seeing Reagan holding Willa ^^ her fave!
Watching dogs out the window + library story time = two of her favorite things in life.
No oat left behind ^^ ;)
Plum pie, that I’ve been craving thanks to Rea’s favorite book Each Peach Pear Plum :)
Only problem is that I made this a night Chase was out of town, so had to enjoy it alone ha!
Hogan friend dinner finally! Pesto cran chicken pasta salad + the best company ^^
Just reading to herself in bed at night and in the morning — cutest new habit ^^
And, pretty happy about the parachute at ballet! ^^ Can’t get over this little ballerina ^^
And that tutu shadow! ^^
Fun to help with a little baby shower for our cute friend Jess, due a few weeks
after me, also with a baby girl! YAY! She’s a Southern girl so we did peach
cobbler, bread pudding, mint juleps and some other southern food.
Prettiest morning walks in the Bay Area fog. The weather here is the best best best.
Kid’s night at our farmer’s market was the best!!
Seeing little R in a kids cooking class was my FAVORITE.
They made little watermelon feta salads with mint and lime, and it was the cutest.
Peaches and corn, soaking up summer!!!
Dress ups and more peaches…what would we do without Saylor and Taryn!
Best mail day, catching up on R’s Chatbooks for Year 1 and 2 ^^
I roasted my own beets which actually tasted so good, but the work
(and pink stained hands) may not have been worth it next time ha!
It’s what I get for sending Chase to the grocery store with the list
and him getting actual raw beets instead of cooked and diced ones :)
Getting ready for baby with an Ollie Gray nursing bra & prenatal pilates ^^
A new bread flavor (lemon, rosemary gruyere) and my fave fave salad at the moment ^^
“Healthier snacks” for this pregnant belly = Jojo’s famous chocolate bark (living
up to all hype!!) and homemade granola which I had been craving forever ^^
Two pictures Reagan has taken on my phone haha – not kidding!!
Bike rides and bath time ^^
I am clearly a little sleep deprived ^^ (had a bad cold and the end of pregnancy
insomnia) but I still love any Sunday selfie with my little lady ^^
Church bench party with our little friends who had moms out of town! Reagan was loving it :)
Making strawberry peach pie with my baker babe ^^
Dinner with friends and R matching my belt to her dress and bow ^^
Story time with dad, and my favorite morning Rooibos ^^
When we take Chase to work we see pretty succulent gardens and
get to sit in little play bumper cars …and get breakfast… no wonder it’s our favorite!
Toy train playing + almost a private lesson at ballet on a quiet summer Monday morning!
Who knew that Trader Joe’s offers free tours for kids?!
You can call your local store and set it up. A cute friend in our
ward let us know about this, so we set it up and all loved it!!
Seeing the back stock rooms, fridge and freezers, design corner, etc was so cool ^^
Reagan loves Trader Joe’s more than anyone so she was in heaven!
She got to scan a chocolate bar at the check out stand which was amazing haha! ^^
Swim lessons with friends! ^^
And copying the kale chicken caesar from Sweetgreen because it’s OH SO GOOD
and I always crave it, and I had to make it because I know once baby is here I
will just be ordering the real thing for a while :)
Stocking up on these Verb Energy bars for some natural energy once baby is here
and I need it soon :) and also couldn’t resist these late at night at the store ^^
A little less natural form of energy :)
To end the month we got our Papa Blake (Chase’s dad) for a fun dinner out
when he came in town quick for business! Always a highlight to see family
out here, and Reagan was so happy! Luckily we’ll have more visitors soon
with baby 2 on the way. Still can’t believe it’s August now!




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  1. August 3, 2018 @ 5:56 am Anna

    July really felt so long to me too! Happy BABY month!


  2. August 3, 2018 @ 5:58 am Suzanne

    Fun month! I love that baby quilt


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