Claire’s Birth Story!

Our second baby girl is here!!
Claire Kate Rigby
was born August 10, 2018 in the afternoon at 3:17 PM,
weighing 6 lbs 8 ounces, and 20 inches long.

She came ten days before her due date and semi-surprised us,
though for some reason I kept feeling like she might make an
earlier appearance…it is still surreal that she’s already here though!
I love her birthday of 8/10/18, it’s like a little math equation adding up :)

Her name was pretty easy for us to choose this time. I have always loved
the name Claire and it seems to fit her so well. I like how it compliments
her sister’s name Reagan, and it just feels right! When I saw this description
it sealed the deal, since it’s exactly how I feel about the name:

Claire is a girl’s name of French origin meaning “bright, clear”.
Claire, luminous, simple, and strong, with a barely distinguishable French accent,
is one of those special names that is familiar yet distinctive, feminine but not frilly,
combining historical depth with a modern edge. And though Claire is
enjoying revived popularity, it will never be seen as trendy.

Her middle name was harder, and I had a list of 20 combinations I kept
looking over and over. One night I thought of Claire Kate and loved the sound
of it, but immediately pushed it aside because it’s already Reagan’s middle name!
The next few days I kept going back to it, and started to think it might be sweet for sisters
to share a middle name. Chase’s brother has 4 girls and all of them share the middle name
Jane, which is actually a really cute tradition that I love! So, suddenly I started to consider
it. Eventually it was the only one I loved because it had a little more meaning with the sister
sharing, and the deal was sealed! It might seem odd to have the same middle name, but we love it.

Everything has been so sweet this second time around, since we had experienced
this crazy miracle once before and so we were even more excited and a little
more calm about it all. Both births have been so special and smooth and
pretty similar, but the details were still different. It’s been the best few days
in this newborn haze, but I want to write down the story while it’s fresh!

On Tuesday the 7th I had a 38 week check up at the doctor and was already
dilated to 3 cm and 50% effaced. She said this could still mean a week or more,
but that it was good to already be progressing! That day Reagan had play group
so I went on a little cruiser bike ride around our neighborhood to deliver thank
you notes and then later a long walk. The progress was motivating me to move
things along myself too! :) The next day on Wednesday we did all our normal
routine, and by Reagan’s afternoon ballet class I wasn’t feeling too well. The
parents have to participate in it, and as we all did pliés I kept thinking how
bad/funny it would be if my water broke in ballet class all over the floor- ha!
That night I started feeling some contractions and it panicked us, since a lot
of things weren’t quite set- like who would take Reagan (since my mom wasn’t
coming out for another week), if we had everything put together that we needed, etc.

So we were quickly packing things up just in case and getting Reagan to bed,
and while we did her bedtime routine Chase got all sentimental with her saying
how we’d loved our two years just us 3, and it would get even more fun, and
that baby sister might come soon! Of course my pregnancy hormones did not
handle this well and I got so emotional and couldn’t stop crying as we put her
down and packed things up – things just suddenly felt real and I hadn’t yet felt
that tenderness that inevitably comes with adding to the family. I am glad I got that
out of the way then haha! We have been so excited that I hadn’t felt the emotion of
things changing, even though for the better. I was up a lot of that night with contractions,
and around 4 AM we were getting ready to go and deciding which friend to call-
but I decided to wait for a few more to come, and by 5:30 they had tapered off.
I called my OB and went back in that Thursday morning first thing, and he said
I was at 4cm now but contractions weren’t consistent enough – so it could be early labor,
and still be days or a week. Such a mind game! That day I decided to just assume it
would be at least another week or all the way to my due date, so I just relaxed and
forgot about it. Chase decided to take work off and start his paternity leave early
on Thursday instead of Monday, so we went out to breakfast and then took Reagan
to library story time which was fun to do together the three of us. We had a fun day
all together and went to our favorite Los Altos Farmers Market that night. We got
dinner and enjoyed the market, but I did not feel very good. We came home and got
R to sleep, then I finished up a few more random things just in case anything happened.
I fell asleep really early around 8:30 PM because I was exhausted from the night before.
At 11:30 PM I woke up to a major painful contraction, and started to track them. They
kept coming 10 minutes apart all night long until I finally woke Chase around 3 AM. I
was sure it was a false alarm again, so instead of calling a friend at that hour, I told Chase
he should stay with Reagan and I’d go to the hospital to get checked out. If things were
really happening I knew I’d have time since the contractions were still spaced out far
enough, and I would feel better knowing R would wake up to Chase and have him
explain things. Chase did not want to send me off alone, but he agreed it made sense
with this being early and not having family in town yet. So, off I went to Stanford Hospital!

I checked in around 4 AM and got monitored for a while. They said I seemed to be
in early labor, but it would help if I took a walk around the hospital to move things
along. From 4:30 – 6:30 AM I walked around the hospital (tracked it on Strava ha!)
and when I got back I was at almost 6cm so they admitted me! Chase showed up soon
after, having dropped Reagan at some of our close friend’s house – the cute Baumans…
They completely saved us that day and made me feel so calm knowing Reagan was with
some of her favorite people. We can never repay them for taking her all day and making
sure she was happy and having fun! Living away, friends really do become family. ♥

I checked in, got a room (Stanford Labor & Delivery was so crowded this day!!) and updated
our family and close friends. When I was at 7cm I got the epidural and we tried to relax for
a little bit. My nurse Alexa was AMAZING and our Dr. Shin came in around 1 PM to
break my water and move things along. A bit afterwards they gave me a tiny dose of Pitocin
only because the contractions were still a bit irregular, and once I got that things sped up
so quickly. I started having intense contractions 30 seconds to a minute apart, and I was
worried because I could feel them really strong. The epidural wasn’t working for me at all,
but at that point there wasn’t much to do – ha! The contractions truly were unlike anything
I have felt before, and suddenly I just could tell the baby was coming ASAP. They called
my doctor back in and she said “are you sure…” then took a quick look and said “Oh
wow yep, it’s go time!” I had 3 rounds of pushing through contractions so it was really
quick compared to last time when I pushed for an hour…but it was the most painful
10 minutes of my life. I was feeling pretty much everything, but maybe it is what
helped me get her out fast. I really can’t explain the pain that I felt – especially at
the very end when she crowned – haha! After I had delivered the doctor did a few
stitches and she was shocked when I was reacting and feeling them – she said I
basically had experienced natural childbirth, haha GREAT! It really was unspeakable
pain and Chase was amazing helping me through it. I didn’t think I could do it!
Chase asked if it was worse pain than last time, and I said..”if it had felt like this
last time I might not have gotten pregnant ever again!” hahah… But the crazy thing
is, the second she was put in my arms, I forgot everything. It was all so worth it and
that feeling of heaven meeting earth is indescribable. When baby Claire came out
she was gorgeous and also SO TINY. I could not believe my eyes and seriously thought
she looked half the size that Reagan had! She was just over a pound lighter than R had
been (which makes sense as she was born early) but for some reason we could not get
over her tiny size. You forget how little newborns are, and she was especially small!

We both cried happy tears and loved hearing her clear loud cry and seeing her pink skin.
We marveled at her ten fingers and toes, plentiful golden blonde hair, and sweet spirit.
It took us right back to last time with Reagan and we are in awe that we’ve gotten to
experience this twice. I’m glad my mom was there the first time, but this time was
special to have just Chase and I. We LOVED our doctor and nurse and it was all amazing.
(Except for the whole feeling everything and RING OF FIRE moments ;) Haha!

My first impressions of this little girl were about how special and unique she is –
that even though she is our second girl and reminded us a lot of Reagan, I also
immediately sensed her differences – subtle things that set her apart both physically
and in her personality. I can’t wait to watch her grow into her personality more, but
I definitely have picked up on a calmness and sense of peace from her. We love her!!

After delivery and doing skin-to-skin + some nursing, we made it to our room
before Chase then had to leave to pick up Reagan, and meet his mom who was
amazing and had booked a flight to come that very night! He took Reagan home
and helped her to bed with his mom, then came back to the hospital. On Saturday
morning they brought Reagan up to meet baby sis, which was magical on every level –
something I’ll never forget. His mom Shelley took Reagan the rest of Saturday so
Chase could stay with me in the hospital until we left on Sunday. It was a sweet
time and nice to recover a little before coming home. Posts from home coming, but
here are all of the hospital pictures! We love you baby Claire, so glad you are here!!
Back at Stanford for baby #2! ^^ I’ve loved delivering here
and knowing we had the best care possible in case of anything.
Walking into the hospital by myself in the middle of the night was pretty surreal!
As I parked I had to take a picture of 3:12 AM on August 10, 2018…as I wondered
if I was really in labor and if this might be her birthday! 12 hours later she was in my arms.
All checked in, with Chase snoozing in the background..^^ haha luckily he woke in time
to help me get my epidural, which I am now mad I got since it really didn’t work at all!!!
First sweet moments with baby girl ^^
First moments with Dad ^^ she had the tightest grip on our fingers immediately,
and I loved seeing them together later after I got the skin-to-skin and nursing ^^ Cutest girl dad ^^
^^ Modeling for Dad minutes after she was first measured
First doctor check up, and first bath early the next morning! ^^
Sweet baby girl ^^
Reagan coming to meet her baby sister, flowers in hand! I LOVE this
picture and I will always cherish the moments that came after it.
First meeting! ^^ We had baby Claire in the little crib when Reagan came in,
so that she could climb up on my lap and then meet her so that she didn’t
immediately see mom holding a new baby. She is still my baby too! Luckily she did
so great and truly could not have been sweeter with Claire. I’m glad we had talked
to her a lot about baby sis coming and how she’d come meet her, etc. because she
seemed to understand and was darling! And the gift from little sis helped too :)
Holding hands with baby sis! ^^
^^ Fam selfie! How are there 4 of us now???
Up there in the happiest happiest moments of my life ^^
Proudest big sis :)
All of us just smiling at little c!
More hand holds ^^ Her favorite part ♥
We had a gift from baby Claire to Reagan which she loved – a trolley to fit
all her Daniel Tiger toys! She gasped “Thank you, baby Claire!!” and was
out by the nurse’s station showing everyone her trolley – haha!
She kept wanting to see her little sis over and over ^^
My TWO girls ^^ Ah can’t believe it still!Reagan wanted to see her hair right away :)
Sticking her tongue out after baby did ^^
^^ Reagan taking over the camera hahaha
Cuties after the hospital visit! ^^
Yawning, or singing opera? ^^
We had a few sweet friends visit in the hospital, and loved having Chase’s mom there –
she was so amazing and flew in within hours of knowing we were in labor!
Chase’s mom stayed with Reagan so that he could stay with us in the hospital.
It was sweet to have time with our new little one just us, while Rea was getting
all the attention from grandma at home. I smiled early Sunday morning waking
up to see these two sweeties snoozing beside me before we’d go home that day! One more check by the pediatrician, and such a cute dad packing us up! ^^
Going home outfit that was still a little too big, but so sweet ^^ Chase’s mom found it for us!
Way too tiny for her car seat…with the normal weight loss that happens,
she was 5 something pounds when we left!! She’s catching up now though!
Heading home!! ^^
Lots of pictures coming now that we’re home and settled in a week —
but glad to have these first few days at the hospital captured and remembered.

So so grateful for a healthy baby girl and the taste of heaven that it is to welcome a child to earth.

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  1. August 18, 2018 @ 12:50 pm Ann

    Perfect in every way. Glad she came early for you!


  2. August 18, 2018 @ 12:51 pm Rebecca

    She’s amazing! The family photos are sweetest!!!! Can’t get enough. X


  3. August 18, 2018 @ 6:02 pm Hannah Lewis

    Awww congratulations!!! Sooo happy for you and loved reading this 💗💗


  4. August 18, 2018 @ 10:29 pm Becca

    So detailed and fun to read- especially for her one day! She will love this. Congrats!!!


  5. August 31, 2018 @ 3:33 pm Billie

    So sweet, congratulations on your beautiful little Claire and your beautiful family. Wish you a life of sweet memories.


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