Bringing baby Claire home

Bringing baby Claire home for her first week has been dreamy.
Despite the lack of sleep and healing body and changes, it really is a
heavenly haze that settles over the house for these first weeks with a newborn.
I’m sure that more fussiness will come starting in the next weeks like normal,
but so far little c has barely cried, has slept like an angel, gotten nursing down well,
and added the best feeling to our home. We love having her here and feel so much more
relaxed this second time around. Things feel even more intuitive and less stressful, and
definitely a million times sweeter with an older sister to love on her. This time I’ve been
trying to soak up every little quiet 2 AM cuddle, every whiff of the top of her head, every
little hiccup & burp after nursing, the way her legs are still bunched up like a frog from
being in the womb, every grip of my finger, every kiss on her head from big sister,
the deep sleepiness that we have to slowly wake her from, tiny diaper changes, and
all the sweet little things that change so fast. I just want to hold onto this week forever,
but also cannot wait to see this little girl grow into her own and see these sisters bond.
Parenthood is the most amazing and tender thing in the world, and it’s so hard to put into words
the amount of love your heart feels, the urge to freeze time, and the excitement to witness them
grow…all felt at the same time! It’s magic and I’m pinching myself to be doing it a second time.
Sister love ^^ Reagan has been amazing with her so far.
^^ Longest, skinniest string bean
^^ Sissy kisses in matching name blankets
Tiny sleeping beauty ^^
Sweetest big sis Rea has asked to hold Claire pretty much every time she
wakes up, comes home from an outing, or sees her. She loves her so much!
We all do!!!
Little monkey ^^
Most kissable lips!! ^^
Tiny little peanut in my arms, and getting checked on by her big sister ^^
Sleep time followed by story time ^^
Love the details around our place that remind me we now have 2!
This most darling quilt for Claire made by my bestie Anna, and
R & C necklaces I got to wear to represent my two girls ^^
Claire is in a bassinet in our room for now, but I’m excited for the girls
to share a room eventually … and have their matching name blankets!
I got these from Boco Baby and have loved them with each newborn!
Newborn life is the sweetest ^^
Reagan wanting to wrap herself in a swaddle like little sis, haha ^^
Waking up is hard to do when you’re a baby! Haha seriously the biggest
challenge with Claire so far has been waking her up enough to eat! :)
More stretching and waking :)
PS for any parents, this swaddle probably remains our favorite (though we have a lot,
and some that are a lot cuter, this little zip vest on the inside of the
Halo Sleep Sack has made it work the best for both our babes!
Girl loves her sleep, good problem to have for us!
More big sister holding little sister! Not getting old to any of us!
^^ Those little legs, that little face
Cutest curled up snoozer, still thinks she’s in the womb!
First doctor checkup at 3 days old, to check that weight!
She evened out at 5 pounds 14 and then started gaining back
Lots of story times have happened with Reagan reading to this very attentive listener :) ^^
Kisses and more story time ^^
I want to take all her monthly pictures in this chair, so took one during her
first week to compare even to the one month picture – since she is so tiny!
The rocker is set up in our room now so that middle of the night feedings can work
better without bothering Reagan :) My mother in law helped us rearrange everything while here!
Can’t stop taking pictures of her snoozing ♥
^^ One of about 10 different holding sessions that happen each day :)
Our first day home from the hospital, and Chase’s mom took this
picture. I love it because of all of our happy faces to have baby home!
Chase’s mom Shelley was so so amazing to buy a flight the DAY OF when she found
out we were in labor 10 days early, and come help us for our first weekend. She took
Reagan while we were in the hospital, bought us groceries, scrubbed and cleaned,
did laundry, changed our sheets, and helped us settle in. She is the best!!
Then it has been amazing to get my cute mom out here one week later (when we
thought the due date would be), and have the bonus of Claire already being here!!
Love love you, baby c. So happy to have you home with us ♥



'Bringing baby Claire home' has 4 comments

  1. August 21, 2018 @ 1:46 pm Kristen

    She’s. Perfect. I am obsessed !


  2. August 21, 2018 @ 9:46 pm Courtney

    She is gorgeous, I love her little full head of blonde hair. Enjoy the newborn bubble!


  3. August 22, 2018 @ 11:49 am Stephanie

    Congratulations! Claire looks so much like Reagan did.


  4. August 25, 2018 @ 9:29 pm mom

    This post is so amazing. I cannot believe all the amazing pictures you have of Claire. I love it so much


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