Reagan Turns 2!

Reagan Turns 2!

Reagan is TWO! 7/18/18

This birthday was easier to swallow than her turning one, mostly because she already looks and acts about three years old (ha) so it was about time she turned two! She is a complete light and source of happiness for us. I will never forget this stage and the past year. It’s been so fun to celebrate this birthday now that she’s a little more aware of what’s going on, and before she has a major change getting a little sister soon!

We have savored this last year of our little dancing, singing, chatting, giggling, smart and sassy girl. I couldn’t dream up a better little personality bottled into one toddler, and every day we are so entertained (and in awe) of this girl. We did a fun party back in California for her, themed “Rea of Sunshine” with all things yellow…that’s coming in th next post because it has plenty of its own photos :), but here are some highlights from the day …and Reagan at 2! (Below the video…)

This video is one I made of her second year of life, with some highlights from this age. (It’s a little long, but such a keepsake for us – and hard not to smile watching. My favorite part is around 5:10 haha!) I made a one year video here and so glad to have both.

At 2 years old…
Favorite things to do:
Ballet, sing, eat, play with friends and cousins, library story time, Facetime

Favorite friends:
Kate, Catherine, Owen, Ellie, Rocky, Adeline and all cousins!!!

Favorite people:
All our family members: grandparents, cousins, Kendall and Dusty, Tom and Tammi, Al and Sar, etc!

Favorite foods:
Sweet potatoes, salmon, quesadillas, ice cream (newly discovered :)

Favorite treats:
Sparkling flavored water, which she calls “spicy wawa”

Favorite book:
Each Peach Pear Plum

Favorite TV Show:
Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood … though she doesn’t really watch it yet, just has the character toys and loves the songs! I’m sure soon she’ll discover the endless amount of kids songs on YouTube for her amusement.

Favorite Movie:
Hasn’t really seen one yet! Trying to keep the TV away as long as possible, since she doesn’t even really get it or care yet. She likes books and music and doesn’t ask for shows too much yet! I’m sure once we have baby 2 we’ll need to use them a bit more :)

Favorite Song:
“I Am Moana!” is probably number 1 haha, she BELTS out that chorus. Also a million others – she remembers a song after hearing it once! “Open Shut,” “Mr Sun,” “The More We Get Together,” all the kids songs, and from the radio “The Middle,” “Havana,” “Meant To Be,” etc.

Favorite word/phrase to say:
“MY do it!”

Favorite toy to play with:
New Corolle baby doll!

Favorite games to play:
I spy, puzzles, practicing ballet at home, Twister, animal charades, scootering, anything with friends!

Funny things she does:
Too many! Serious face, hip dancing, loud belting singing, front row performances at story time, tip-toeing to bed, asking things with intonation, knowing when things are funny, etc.

Funny things she says:
“I’m Rea Rea Rigby,” “Oh my gosh” “MY do it!” “Hey guys I’m awake now!” “Hey Google” “What else?” “That’s silly” “I live in California” … and the prayers she says every night by herself!

Her personality in one word:

Traits from Mom:
– Likes things done in a specific way
– Loves all things food and eating
– Always wants to be clean
– Loves to be with friends & family
– Outgoing & friendly (that’s from Dad too!)

Traits from Dad:
– Comfortable being in the spotlight
– Dance and singing rhythm
– Sense of humor
– Looks: their smile especially is identical!
– Constant desire to learn

Little cutie requested pancakes topped with cream, strawberries, peaches and bananas.
She got to blow out candles in the morning and then that night at her party!
Before Chase went to work we had her open one or two presents.
A gift I was so excited to see her open – a new Corolle baby doll! She has the tiny mini
one and loves it, so we’ve been planning to give her this for a while. My cute mom wanted
it to be her gift from my parents, so they sent this sweet little dolly + stroller. She was so
sweet opening it and immediately loved and hugged her dolly. Good practice for sister!
I also had this doll sticker book saved which I knew she would be obsessed with.
It immediately took all her attention, so we stopped with the gifts for the morning.
It shows you really only need one or two special presents for little ones!
Pushing dolly in stroller all morning! ^^
Next stop was a little birthday ballet class. She requested it and there was one at the
perfect time, so some of our besties met us and she got to do her favorite activity!
^^ Bonus, wearing her new tiara birthday present from our cute Laura :)
Of all days to wear this, her birthday seemed fitting haha!
We stopped by the store to get some last few yellow fruits, then
the party store to get her balloons.. which she was so excited about :)
I had her party all prepped to take to the park later that day, but had
to finish some baking and prep while she napped.
Relaxing birthday nap, ha! ^^
I decided to make some last minute sunshine sugar cookies …
not perfect (clearly) but they did turn out kind of cute at the party.
Finished up her cake and blew up her 2 balloon!
Already just a little sassy 2 year old :)
All the different invite options for her yellow party, but I decided on an updated
version of the one in the middle…had to go with the sunshine one! I’ll post about
her party next – it turned out so cute and fun, still smiling from it!
Friends were not supposed to bring gifts, but of course they did – so
we opened some that night/ the next morning. Next year we will for sure
choose a charity (maybe Make A Wish) because people were way too nice,
but this year she loved her gifts and felt so so special. A few below..
Darling ballet gift from our ballet friend Margot!
Cute cards from little friends ^^
^^ This cutest doll EVER from our darling friend Dawn! And her other gift from me was these rain boots since she loves boots, and grew out of
her other ones! I am in love with these London Littles boots, just too bad I read the sizing
wrong and ordered them just a little bit big ;) Luckily she still loved them and it made her laugh!:
Sweetest tutu and book from our Palmer pals, and this train set from the Anderson fam is such a hit.


I love birthdays and feel so lucky to have a little two-year old we could celebrate.
Between celebrations in Utah last week (including a pony rental by my parents & fun
party with cake by Chase’s), our sweet day and the yellow party, I think she had a good one!