Rigby Visit for Shelley’s 60th Birthday!

Rigby Visit for Shelley’s 60th Birthday!

It was so fun to get Chase’s entire family (all the adults) out here to the Bay
to celebrate his mom’s 60th birthday! I have the cutest mother-in-law possible,
and we were so glad to get the chance to spoil Shelley all weekend long. She got
surprised a few days before the trip after Chase’s dad had put it all together!

They flew out and we spent the first day on the Peninsula in our area before the
Andrea Bocelli concert that night (Shelley’s favorite!) The next day was Father’s
Day, so it was fun to celebrate all the dads in our group. Then we headed up to the city
for her birthday on Monday, a spent few days together in a fun hotel!
It was such a treat, we loved having them here.

So happy to be reunited with the birthday girl Mimi! ^^
They’re here!!! ^^
Lunch at San Pedro Square Market, one of our favorite food stops right by SJC Airport!
We used to live a few minutes from here in our first apartment in the bay, so it’s always fun to be back.
…And the best food stands here! ^^
Sitting with Uncle Drew and then Aunt Rach! ^^
Walking with Kenz and so giddy about it! ^^
Singing songs with Aunt Kenzie and Mimi! ^^
Reagan couldn’t believe all of the Rigby family was in her (tiny) house!
Showing her room to the girls!
Google tour for Chase’s siblings who had never seen the main headquarters!
The batting cage is always a hit ^^
Scooter falls, and Shelley can always be found taking pictures of trees…anywhere! Haha
Dinner at Tender Greens in PA, where Reagan got to hold her baby cousin Sarah.
She is obsessed with all of her cousins and since the rest stayed in Utah, she was
so happy to have time with Sarah! She was so sweet with her and it was the cutest:
Had to include all of these because we couldn’t get over the sweetness!
I think she’s ready to be a big sister in a few months :)
Realized we were all kind of matching so had to snag a family pic :)
Getting a pressed freeze treat…happy girl! ^^
Sums up how she felt all visit long!
Beautiful night out at the opera ^^
Father’s Day at church the next day! We loved having family with us.
Father’s Day brunch at Crepevine after church and before heading to the city! ^^
Up to the city and checking into our fun hotel provided by Papa Blake!
He got rooms for each couple AND upgrades so we were spoiled! It was
Hotel Nikko off Union Square which we had never stayed in before.
Ready to hit the town! ^^
^^ Strolling the city streets with Shelley!
So rare to get time with these cute sister in laws and mother in law without
kids and chaos (although we missed the little cousins!) Living away makes me
appreciate every second of the time we get together with these babes…this makes
me think we need some more girls trips in the future, it’s the best time! (But always
tricky to plan between babies/pregnancies/nursing haha…one day we’ll do them again!)
We had gorgeous weather (always chilly in the morning and evening, but so nice during the day!)
Over the bridge to Sausalito on a clear day ^^
On Father’s Day evening we went to such a fun Chinese dinner since Blake
and the boys all love Chinese food. It’s called China Live and FINALLY there
is a good new go-to place in Chinatown for us! We love loved it and highly
recommend. It’s in a gorgeous space and the food is done so so right.
We loved everything, but these pork dumplings + peking duck were two favorites ^^
Also obsessed with the Chinese broccoli, lettuce cups, the Yangzhou fried rice with pork + shrimp,
and lots more. We went big and ordered so much food, it was one of the best meals and memories!
Chase holding the kiddos during dinner ^^
On Shelley’s birthday morning we embarked on a long walk over to Fillmore Street
for shopping and lunch, and then onto Sacramento Street to show her some of the
famous design district shops. My idea was to do this as an early morning long walk/
city hike with the girls, but he had a slow start so everyone joined and we walked
and talked A LOT! I am still laughing about how much we walked that day!
The boys were troopers going to all the design shops, but it’s because everyone loves Shel!
This little gal did well and was so happy riding in the stroller (legs crossed :)
and taking her nap in it too. Glad she’s still flexible when she needs to be!
Cute floral shop called Fleur’t ^^
Seeing Anthem + Caitlin Wilson stores (except Caitlin’s was closed on a Monday boo!)
Also love the Sue Fisher King Store, March, etc along this street!
Sue King Fisher — my fave to stop into! ^^
Chase pointing out architecture to all of us :)
Lunch at Delfina and dessert around the corner at …
Salt & Straw! We finally tried it after hearing the hype for months
and months and it really did live up. The flavors are amazing!
So good that Drew & Rach even went back again that night haha!
Shoulder rides and arm swings with uncles and Papa ^^
Early morning ride across the bridge for Chase, Blake and Tay ^^
Meanwhile we shopped Union Square! I was sad to miss out on this ride, one of my favorite routes.
^^ Always fun to stop in Britex Fabrics, especially with Shel!
Williams Sonoma in Union Square, our fave ^^ and the hotel pool with skyscrapers surrounding! ^^
Lots of walking walking walking in the city…almost 10 miles one day!
Reagan was the HAPPIEST being with her grandparents and aunts/uncles for a few days straight!
Switching sunglasses with Papa Blake (haha best picture!) and selfies with Rach!
Trolley ride, AKA a highlight of her life ^^
Hillstone dinner on Shelley’s actually birthday night – the BEST!
I seriously feel like you can’t go wrong at Hillstone / their other restaurants
(We’ve always loved Bandera, and have Los Altos Grill right where we live!)
There was amazing live music, we were all in one booth, had amazing meals,
and made sweet tributes to Shelley all night. It was a perfect memory and way
to celebrate one of the most kind, creative, helping, serving women I know.
We all feel lucky to have Michelle in our life and most of us teared up at
some point in the dinner, giving her toasts and saying why we loved her!
Stops for Bob’s, always always!
 ^^ Walking by our old apartment building, and the view from our hotel room ^^

So so fun and special to be together. I know we will remember this trip forever!
Happy happy 60, Shelley! We LOVE YOU!