Reagan 23 months

Reagan 23 months

LAST monthly update before baby girl is 2 years old … and soon she won’t be our only baby girl!
So hard to believe, but so so fun to watch her progress and grow.
Favorites from this stage:

— Added the word “very” into her vocabulary…so funny to hear her say “that’s very cute” or “my dinner is very hot” haha!

— Continuing to LOVE ballet, story time, play group, swimming, and all of her weekly activities. She is the best little listener to her teachers and so sweet with friends!

— We’ve been celebrating lots of friend and family birthdays, and she gets so excited about birthdays…but always asks when Rea Rea’s birthday is haha! We tell her it’s soon, next month!

— All clinginess is gone and she’s now so sad when I pick her up from play group instead of when I drop her off, ha! Tables have turned!

— Still sleeping well, napping between 12-2 PM and sleeping at night from 7 or 7:30 PM until 7:30 or 7 AM!

— When she wakes up she comes to the door and says “Mom, I’m awake now!” She also remembers exactly what I told her we’d have for breakfast the night before, and asks for it right when we get her from her room.. ” I want oatmeal with peaches now, please!”

— She’s so friendly with other kids, holding their hands, waving, saying hi, asking their name, etc.

— She has started to repeat every question we ask her before answering…like a little parrot!

— She got her first little tea set and it’s already a new favorite toy..along with her baby doll.

— She’s so so darling and excited about being a big sister soon! She comes and hugs my belly and says hi to baby sister all the time.

— She requests to sing “I Am Moana” every time we’re in the car, and belts out every word of the soundtrack (yet, still hasn’t seen the movie itself haha…her mind will be blown when she watches it one day and realizes it’s a movie!)

— Still trying to potty train herself, which we’re holding off until summer travels are through. She’s so good though and we let her go before her tub each night!

— We spent 9 days of the month with Chase traveling for work, and it was a little exhausting to have a toddler all alone at 30 weeks pregnant for that many days, but she was so sweet…probably because Chase promised to bring her a treat if she was nice to mom the whole time! :)

— Two year old tantrums might be on the way, but she’s actually been really sweet and well-behaved lately for the most part. She is smart and can be reasoned with, so usually we can negotiate her into good behavior. She still has her moments like any kid though!

— Best singer award goes to this girl. She hears a song once and has it memorized, and is singing about 50% of the day with no shame! She loves all her songs from library story time, music class, the ones we play at home, and from primary at church (where she sits with me because I teach). She even went up in front of our entire church congregation on Father’s Day with all the older kids and sang the Daddy song because she knew it + the actions so well!

— We love this happy girl and the pure entertainment she gives us. She is a little love!

Lovebug ^^
Swinging in her swimsuit, ^^ and just hugging baby sister like she does all day :)
Love spying on this sleeping cuddle bug on the monitor. But she looks so old!!!
SF city girl in a mini trolley we found :) So excited to ride in it like Daniel Tiger does!
And a real life trolley ride in SF … she could not get over it!!
Then, a guy got on who was selling balloons so it was probably the best day of her life so far :)
Hotel tubbing, and smuggling cheerios from the hotel breakfast :)
Little sassafrass with the faces she pulls! ^^
Hanging with baby James (LOVES her baby friends), and matching with mama!
Loves the city streets ^^
I love having her in a good routine at home, but glad she can still be flexible
and nap on the go when we are on trips or have people in town! From car to stroller,
she stayed happy during our SF weekend and slept during her normal nap times! ^^
Happy girl out and about ^^ and matching Dada!
So cute to see her holding her little baby cousin!
Eating her pressed freeze ice cream and enjoying every second ^^
We have to get one every time we’re at Stanford Mall now!
Modeling her new cute dress! Which I got at Zara full price days
before their huge sale…along with a bunch of other stuff – ha oh well!
Reading books & organizing drawers with R while dad was out of town.
This book makes me cry every single time!!
Getting a balloon at the farmer’s market, which I promised here if she was nice.
At the end of our strolling and dinner she stopped back by it and said “I was nice mama!”
:) and so the balloon she got!
Selfies with dad on Princess Lane… so fitting!
My shopping pal ^^
Playgroup at our place – it’s Reagan’s favorite thing to have her pals over! That hug ^^ haha
Love our Kate, Ellie, Owen and Rea together!
Showing off her belly slide and color sorting the blocks! ^^
Picking her outfits lately..sometimes it’s a summery dress,
other times it’s Minnie Mouse leggings and big bow shoes :)
Fun at the fountains with friends! Stanford is the best for allowing swimming in their fountains!
WATER baby – loves it!!
Shoulder riding at birthday parties, and swimming with our friend Ruby! ^^
On the go go go a lot lately, before we slow down for a bit with baby #2.
Cute little tubber ^^
Love these little ballet feet ^^
Walking out to ballet is both of our favorite part of each week! We count down to Wednesdays!
Cutest sleeper in the world! ^^
More pressed freezes and trying on her new clothes ^^
Drinking her “spicy wawa” (sparkling water that she LOVES :) and posing always! ^^
Runs to the door of ballet every time, just so excited to go in!
Seeing the mailman come is the best part of her day, if we make it home in time
(ours usually comes at lunchtime right before Reagan’s nap) so she knocks on the
window and gets a wave every time! Always so excited about it’s the little things!
Soaking up all of our weekly library dates just us two…it will be fun to bring baby sister though!
Cutie on the front row and playing with her favorite toy ^^
Snapchat filters and silliness ^^
Tea parties and another outfit chosen by her! ^^
Matching from shirt to bib to bowl to fork, and MESSIEST acai bowl eater ^^
^^ Church cutie. Chase went to nursery with her and snapped this picture
of their ribbon line…haha makes me laugh so hard to see them marching along! ^^
^^ Post vacation snoozer
So much toddler silliness, from putting her pink chair on the couch, to insisting
on wearing her too big ballet tights and pulling them alllll the way up ^^
Starting to potty train! Using this since we love all things Joovy!
Hotel swimming + lessons! ^^
Snoozing through the Sequoias on our trip with her little painted toes ^^
Darling park ranger on our Memorial Day trip! ^^
Running through a tree trunk and having a little bit of a meltdown at nap time on a cold hike :) ^^
Happy swimming cutie pie! ^^
Had to take some pictures in this mini trolley at our hotel in SF. Sooo cute!
One night after putting her to bed we heard a bunch of clanking sounds from her room.
Opened up the monitor to see a full on tea party happening, hah! So cute!Muah!


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