Springtime in Central Park

Strolling through Central Park was the definite highlight of New York
this time with little Rea. It’s pretty much always my favorite part of
the city, (isn’t it everyone’s?) but it felt even more perfect with the
spring weather & blossoms, and a little toddler to soak it up with.
It made me appreciate all the park has even more – playgrounds,
grass, music, dogs, horses, bikes, people watching, blossoms,
sunshine, a carousel, zoo, and a relaxed feel compared to the busy city.
We spent every moment we could enjoying the park while here!
(See the rest of our NYC city time here in this post)

Waving to the horsies was a favorite activity in Central Park ^^
^^ The sweetheart of Central Park
Posing by the tulips..haha ^^
^^ Lunch at the Boathouse
Loveliest of places to stroll ^^
Our first morning we stumbled upon these guys playing the best music in the park, and Rea
wanted to sit and listen forever. Then she dropped a dollar bill to them and was so excited about it :)
Wanted to push her own stroller through the park ^^
…and stopping to hang out every few steps on benches, rocks, anything she spotted :)
We had good springy weather and the beginning of blossoms!
Central Park Zoo was such a fun stop we’d never done! It’s small but darling, with amazing city views!
My mom and Rea on the CUTEST Central Park Carousel!
Had to remember to stop and apply that sunscreen every little bit – so sunny!!
We had just the perfect weather a few days, which makes the park a dream!
Not too hot or cold, just perfect spring weather.
Strolling through the park like locals with this bestie cousin, because she IS a local!Reagan was in love with her second cousins Molly & Madison! ^^
…she even demanded to sit in their stroller (with 3 of them) instead of her own haha!
I’ll remember these sunny perfect days with my mom and daughter in Central Park forever!

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  1. May 11, 2018 @ 9:36 pm Anna

    Pure heavenly perfection! I need to be there now!


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