Reagan 22 months

Reagan 22 months

22 months is WAY too close to 2 years old for me, but Reagan acts like a 3 year old basically –
so I guess it’s okay that she’s getting older. It’s just so crazy to imagine her as a tiny baby compared
to how she is now! She is a little human and learning more every day. It truly does go so fast, especially
as we think of welcoming a little newborn in a few months. So crazy! I can’t wait to see her as a big sister.

Some highlights at this age:

○ After we do anything she likes (songs, dances, tricks, etc) she says the same thing: “AGAIN!”

…It’s so cute and Chase told me the other day that he already knew what he will say at her wedding dinner one day…he said he’ll talk about how she would say “again” to everything when she was little, and how at that time when she’ll be getting married he will be the one saying “again,” wishing he could do it all again … UMMM way to make me cry while standing in the kitchen making breakfast with him! I told him that was so unfair as I was tearing up!!!

○ She finally knows all her colors perfectly. . . she knew some before this, but would mix them up or get confused. Then overnight she just nailed them! She can list pretty much any color or shade and now that she knows them, she points out colors everywhere we go! Her favorites are pink and yellow :)

○ A major highlight this month is we started ballet lessons!! Seriously one of my favorite things to experience as a mom so far, and Reagan has fallen in love with it. We got her signed up at cute Tutu School right by us, ordered all her ballet clothes + shoes, and have been going to class every week. It’s so cute how natural it comes to her and she talks about it all week long, practicing her tippy toes and passés and plies.

○ We also started swim lessons this month while Rea is still so fearless and loves the water. She did amazing and loved it! Floated on her back, jumped in and put her head under lots of times, and was so cute and happy! So proud of her and fun to watch her thrive.

○ She’s getting even more social (always has been) but LOVES her friends and loves doing anything with them! She even had her first playgroup drop off with zero sadness or tears to say goodbye to me :) .. and did church nursery all the way through for the first time since we’ve gone easy with her and let her come to primary with me. She will see her friends and say “Oh hi Kate! Hi Ellie!” and always give hugs. A people lover for sure!

○ Potty training is in the works, but it’s us resisting it! Reagan has a little potty and asks to go all the time – and does when we let her! I still want her to be completely ready, so just letting her before tubs at night but she is proud of herself – and we are too!

○ We went back East this month on a big trip to NYC, then a road trip into Connecticut, Rhode Island, and the Hamptons. Reagan loved it all and did so well..on the flights, drives, subway rides, Central Park walks, city streets, she took it all in and made it so fun. We loved having another big trip with just her before adding baby 2 soon!

Some pictures:

Little lemony love ^^
City sweetheart ^^
Diva posing in Central Park ^^
Running around and eating an apple ^^
Starting to look so old with that longer hair and wearing sunnies on top :)
City cutie, always wanting to push the elevator button and getting her morning milk at the NYC deli ^^
The faces of a happy smoothie drinker ^^
…And, the face of victoriously getting her sucker at the bank :)
I used to get her out of there without one, but now she knows the drill too well!
Little sporty spice — haha! Loves to do morning yoga with me ^^My shopping pal ^^ First time going shopping that she was loving trying everything on,
being so cute and patient, and made it a fun // not stressful experience ha!
Loving this nice weather so much! (The weather always feels nice here, let’s be honest…
but nothing like when things heat up and blossom in the spring!)So social with her cute friends, and always loves a chance to play! ^^
Little besties for her right now are Kate, Catherine, Ellie, Owen, Lulu, lots more!
Happy sweet little traveler ^^
She makes every sight cuter! ^^
Always skipping and running ahead ^^
Traveling babe ^^
Fun with friends and on our bike at home! ^^
Happy girl, who always chooses this “purple pink” dress, can you tell?
Haha I am usually good at coaxing her into wearing other things, but if Chase
gets her dressed for the day she will 9 times out of 10 be wearing this dress haha!
He can’t say no to her!
Ballerina babe ^^ Can’t get enough of this.
Little carousel rider, she went on like 5 this month between our trips! ^^
She loves it but gets scared on the horsies :)
I’ll never forget sitting in Central Park for hours just waving to horses and seeing her take it all in!
Fun with half cousins in NYC ^^
Her poses :)
Does this count as a picture with baby sis? :)
Made me a lucky momma on Mother’s Day and every day!
We hosted play group at our house and Reagan was so happy having her pals over!!
First little date with Rockwell at Fairyland ^^ :)
Nervous yet excited face for the carousel ^^
Putting on her own sunscreen and hanging in Times Square ^^
Loving her ramen at Ippudo ^^ best eater!
Hugging Mickey in the Times Square Disney store, and riding your own subway seat! ^^
Cutie at the Central Park Zoo ^^
Holding her own umbrella, and her own pizza the side of her head :)
First little bun ^^
First little braids! And book lover at the bookstore ^^
On the go!
Exhausted hotel life, falling asleep on her knees! ^^ And swimming with Dad in the hotel pool ^^
Eating out with this chick is hilarious! She is mostly well behaved as long as the food is in front of her :)
She saw me curling my hair and asked to curl hers, and same with a braid! Gladly :)
East coaster ^^
Cutest ever matching dresses for Rea and baby sister! My mom brought them home
from London and every time she sees them she says “Rea rea dress, baby sister dress!”
And little sweetie pie going to sleep on the airplane ^^
First ballet class! ^^
Besties at our place! Reagan was pretty thrilled ^^
^^ Where I found her after cleaning up breakfast – perched up on the windowsill!
And, I love spying on her through the monitor when she’s sleeping.
Little cutie pie at church ^^
Facetiming fam and friends is her favorite thing ever ^^ That face waiting to see if she’ll answer!
Other favorite thing is getting samples at Trader Joe’s – she takes it very serious ^^
This is seriously the pose she struck when I told her to turn for a picture before ballet…haha! ^^^^
Little sweetie at the theme park, in a boat and her pink race car! ^^
First splash pad experience was quite a success- she ran around giggling and splashing
for an hour without once taking a break or even looking over at me. Haha amazing!
^^ Always coming over to hug and listen to baby sister,
and sweetest smiles after bath time ^^
Miss Independent with her backpack always on, and demanding to open
her own car door every time. Also, first tea set from our bestie Kate! ^^
I’ll follow this cutie wherever she goes! ^^



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