Reagan 21 months

Reagan 21 months

Reagan is the funniest person I’ve ever met. She has a bigger vocabulary than me. She knows every word to a song after hearing it once. She’s happy to be alive and so excited about every day. She loves library story time, dancing, music, helping, playing with friends, EATING, the park, and doing anything new. She is more and more aware of the world and getting so capable. She mastered the big step outside our apartment door without holding my hand, and is so proud of herself every time she does it now :) She is so observant of the world around her and so smart. She is paying attention always! She loves other people, yelling “Hello!” to strangers everywhere and waving to anyone she sees. She loves to say hi to our mailman and ice cream man, and knows the sounds of the garbage man going by. She is obsessed with her family and friends . Any cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends of ours, she can list their entire families and names from memory…even down to their dog :) One of her favorite ways to get around right now is riding in her bike seat on the back of mom’s bike. She yells “weeeee!” the whole time and loves when we go over bumps or spot doggies. Also loves to wear her sunglasses when it’s bright :)

She’s starting to potty train herself, even though I’ve been holding off since we have a big trip to NYC and I don’t want to deal with it there :) She asks to go on the toilet and goes! We let her before her tub, but she always tells me when she’s going in diaper, if it’s wet or dirty, and asks to have it changed right away. She just wants to grow up! She still uses her little lamb binky but has started to bite it more so the binky itself is ripped, which I’m hoping makes a natural transition to less sucking and more just holding the little lamb to bed. She just uses it for sleep so it hasn’t been too much of a problem!

-New favorite songs:
-One Two Buckle My Shoe
-Wheels on the Bus, Head Shoulders and all those classics
-One Little Finger Tap Tap Tap

As for adult music, she heard this song on the radio (Meant To Be) and can’t stop singing it. The best part is though, when it says “ride with me” she thinks it says “ride, baby… ride, baby” so she belts that out and it’s the best!

I have to keep writing things down each month because it’s mind blowing how much this little gal changes every month and makes us fall harder and harder in love. She’s everything!!!

Smiling on a sunny SF day!
She has started to ask for pictures at this plant outside our door every day because this is where
we always take pictures on Sundays before church :) Can’t resist when she stands and says ‘cheeeese!’
Already the cutest big sister to little baby on the way!
That smile after finding out it was a baby GIRL on the way ^^
Sweet little traveler who has been flexible and done well on lots of flying this month.
We’ve been packing it in before we’re grounded for a bit with baby coming!
Could she be cuter on a late night red eye flight? ^^
Play date with our cute twin friends (who Rea could be a triplet with :) and rides on their fancy Porsche play cars!
Always entertaining me, from trying on shades… to posing with her bag, to eating her avocado toast ^^
Watching this girl on her scooter will never get old to me. She just needs to learn to turn it – ha!
Carousel rides have become a thing lately! She loves them but gets a little scared halfway through :)
This girl loves sports and has been loving watching basketball lately from
March Madness to the NBA playoffs! The best part is when she sees basketball
on TV she calls it “Go Utes” – our team – no matter who is playing!
Tub time with dad is the best time ^^
First little braid done by Chase, and chubby hand tracing during church :) ^^
Little kale eater – love that she will eat anything!
Little cutie looking grown up with her backpack and asking for a picture ^^
R LOVES her little friends and is so cute with them… Playdates galore!
Holding hands and swinging with little Owen :)
Peek a boo!
Easter was a highlight in R’s last month! She had way more idea what was going on with the hunts this year, ha
Easter outfit posing ^^
Love every second of the day with her – from biking with her on the back, to eating breakfast
(and watching her chug down every last drop of that acai bowl :)
Catching up on lots of sleep on our travels from all of our crazy flights! ^^
Hotel tubs ^^
North Carolina Beach fun with our Dunn fam this month! Reagan LOVED time with cousins and family.
Beach babe ^^
^^Loves her Papa Bear!
Has to carry a bag or hold a backpack everywhere…and, swing lover! ^^
Little lighthouse explorer!
Happy girl being with family on our trip ^^
Digging on the beach for hours!
Cousin love with Maddie & Zach ^^
Sweet travel companion who holds my hand all of the flight :)
Green smoothies and hair brushing on airport layovers ^^
Forging her path :)
Breakfast and being brave on the playground! ^^
The amount of food she can eat (especially for breakfast) is amazing :)
And shoe shopping with her is also amazing ^^
Must always have a bag, even if it’s mom’s diaper bag.
Doughnuts and breakfast burritos…nom nom ^^
Pretty in pink!
Cool girl in the car, and meeting her future bestie Willa ^^
Walks to the library, and snoozing after church ^^
At church Rea likes to sit with me in primary, the class for the older kids.
Here she is laying down with them doing the songs! Then getting her first ring pop ^^ ha
Library fun with bestie Kate, and new playgrounds! ^^
You have to love friends who bring ice cream to the playground :)
Just flying a helicopter ^^
Obsessed with our Papa Bear book around here! She wants to read it over and over.
Little princess at Fairyland ^^
Hands in pockets always ^^
First little date with Rocky! ^^
Bay babe ^^
North Caroline beach snoozes ^^
Sandy chubby toes! ^^
Dream house ^^
Could not resist a photo shoot in her pink outfit by the pink flowers ^^
Such a cutie riding little rides at Happy Hollow ^^ even if they do scare you a little!
Cutest big sis already, coming to all the appointments ^^
XO !

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