Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, RI is such a special place.
I got to visit in high school with my mom while on an East Coast college tour trip,
and I remember being in awe of the beautiful coast, mansions, and charming town here.
I couldn’t remember it too well since we stopped through quickly last time, but I knew we had
toured a few mansions, done the Cliff Walk, Tennis Hall of Fame, etc. Rhode Island is amazing
and I was excited to go back with Chase and Reagan! We arrived in the late afternoon after a day
driving up the cute coast of Connecticut, so we enjoyed a pretty evening and dinner here. It was so
foggy up the the Breakers and Cliff Walk by the mansions, yet perfectly sunny dusk back in the town
part down by the harbor where we ate dinner. It was crazy that it was so different a few miles apart!
We had the best dinner after a long day of driving, at Jo’s Bistro right in town. Here’s our little visit:
These two were so cute, chasing each other around on the grass after being in the car for hours!
Couldn’t love this picture (or these two) more!
We basically had the place to ourselves right before closing, so we
took some self-timer pictures that are hilarious…R just off on her own!
We tried to get her to come over for one picture with us, but these make us laugh.
Cliff Walk!
Back down into town for dinner!
He’d be mad I’m posting this because I promise he wasn’t posing, he was waiting for
Reagan to catch up – but had to snap this handsome guy in front of this blue house ^^
We ate at this cute place ^^ Jo’s American Bistro!
They were so cute and nice about Reagan, making her own special menu item
of her favorite mashed sweet potatoes, and bringing it out so fast so she was occupied.
Salmon with whipped butternut and kale ^^
Lobster roll for Chase, excellent choice ^^
Peach bread pudding for dessert ^^
We couldn’t get enough of the homes walking around after dinner ^^

And back across to Connecticut we went, to ferry over to the Hamptons the next day for my birthday!




'Newport, Rhode Island' has 2 comments

  1. May 12, 2018 @ 9:08 pm Ellie

    Looks completely magical in every way!


  2. May 12, 2018 @ 9:09 pm Leah

    So romantic and dreamy. And Reagan with her sweet potatoes!


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