Ferrying Across the Long Island Sound!

Ferrying Across the Long Island Sound!

When I was researching options for our little East Coast birthday road trip from New York,
I was torn between going up the Connecticut Coast into Rhode Island, or driving up Long Island
to visit the Hamptons instead. Both didn’t seem doable with all the driving! I decided to check if
there happened to be a ferry between Connecticut and Long Island/ the Hamptons, and couldn’t believe
there was one that runs often, and all through the year! It was so perfect and I was excited that we could
do both and easily connect them, without driving all the way down, back through the city and around.
It’s called the Cross Sound Ferry, and you can go between New London, CT and Orient Point on the North Fork.
Lots of locals use this, and you can take cars or just go as passengers. They also have lighthouse cruises during
the summer which I want to do next time we’re in the area! It was fun to be out on the water, and the best part
was that it brought us into a unique part of the Hamptons that we might have otherwise missed-  the North Fork!
Seeing rainy New London in the morning before boarding the ferry ^^
Little ferry girl ^^ She loved being on the big boat!
Fun spot to be on a map! ^^
^^ Taking in the lighthouse views
And little Rea was rocked to sleep in her carseat in the sea air :) ^^
We landed in Orient Point and made the short 15 minute drive to Greenport,
which ended up being probably our favorite town in the area!
We might have missed it if we’d just driven up from NYC, since it’s up on
the “North Fork” part, above Shelter Island. These areas are not to be missed!
It had been raining all morning but it was starting to clear, so we pulled into
town to stroll around and get brunch. When we parked by the waterfront it
was still sprinkling rain, and we spotted this cute indoor carousel we could
not resist. It was Reagan’s 3rd carousel ride that week (we did Central Park
and Bryant Park in NYC) so she was so excited for it and knew the drill!
I had Chase ride with her since I had gone with her in New York and he had missed out..
and because these rides are still a little much for my pregnant self :) These two were so cute on it!
Blurring by! ^^
Carousel cuties ^^
Then we walked into town where the skies cleared and sun broke through!
Charm charm everywhere ^^
We picked the best brunch ever…one of our favorite places in a while!
First & South right in Greenport – the cutest.
They have a special brunch menu on Sundays, and one glance sold us…our kind of place!
Fresh peach juice for Chase, which was actually sooo good ^^
And a “mocktail” drink for me with mint, lemon, grapefruit juice, orange bitters, and club soda.
Walks around the cute little house/restaurant and pet all the dogs to keep
Reagan entertained, until they brought out this cute parfait for her ^^ SO GOOD.
I need their granola recipe now!
Thank goodness for nice restaurants with stuff for kids when eating out with a toddler!
The Bowl Chapin for me, which I was obsessed with and also want to re-create at home.
Spanish rice, avocado, black beans, queso fresco, home fries, and a sunny egg. Loved every bite. Shrimp & grits for Chase, because who can resist this dish when back East?
When done right it’s so so good, and that was the case here!
We got some figgy french toast to share for the table, which is always a good idea ^^
We were so full but had to try their famous oatmeal pie for dessert. Sinful!!
This was the best welcome to the area possible, to have a relaxing rainy ferry ride over
and then explore this cute sunny town with the best brunch spot. Love loved it!
More coming from the rest of the beautiful Hamptons!



9 thoughts on “Ferrying Across the Long Island Sound!”

  • I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot, but Greenport is not The Hamptons. The Hamptons are on the south fork of Long Island. You may want to rewrite your article…

    • Oh good to know!! I kept getting confused about what was considered “The Hamptons” exactly. Thanks! Love loved the north fork so much!

      • LI is shaped like a fish with 2 tails. . .the tail (it’s called a Fork) on top is the Non-Hamptons or North Fork. The lower tail is the South Fork containing allllll those Hamptons. They meet, 8n the middle, at Riverhead.

      • emi – for what it’s worth, local identity on the East Eand is a bit of a minefield. The Hamptons have for the last century or so been known as an increasingly crowded playground for NY and Showbiz elites and their followers. The North Fork was dramatically more bucolic and blue-collar – farms and fishing. Starting about 40 years ago a movement has developed to ‘Save What’s Left’ – i.e. preserve some of that character oftern referred to as being the ‘Un-Hamptons’ – in the face of a tsumani of money seeking land to develop as homes and more recently, McMansions. Add to that certain indignities suffered for the benefit of the Hamptons (Ferry traffic – Hamptons refuse to allow a terminal, Helicopter traffic – they insist on routes that leave most of the noise on the North Fork, etc. etc.) and you can see how yet another regional resentment developed.

        The movement has only slowed things down, not stopped them. The rise of the vinticulture and some gentrification has given rise to all the really nice venues to which your post give well-deserved credit. I’m glad you appreciated the North Fork and Greenport. Please come back and post about it again – there’s more to it than fits in a weekend. Just be mindful to not refer even mistakenly to Greenport as ‘The Hamptons’.

  • This is so funny, my husband and I sat next to you at First and South that day, your daughter is so cute and made us smile and laugh along with her.

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