Finally made it to cute Fairyland after wanting to go for the past year!!
We always see the cute sign when we’ve been at Lake Merritt in Oakland,
and heard good things … but Reagan wasn’t old enough at first, and then we
just never made it happen until now! I had one of my besties Di in town staying
with her sis-in-law in Oakland, so we all met with the kiddies at Fairyland and it
was everything I dreamed of and more! The cutest and most charming little place.
My little fairy princess ready to take on the park! ^^
Like walking into a real-life fairytale!
First things first: puppet show! Reagan is still talking about the characters from it :)
And she got to sit by Rocky boy during the show :)
Little mini carousel that she got scared on halfway through haha ^^
So many fun places to explore!
Reagan and Rocky’s date on the trolley! Couldn’t handle the cuteness.
The little boy of my very best friend Di with my little girl — so crazy!
Sharing snacks in line! ^^
Hugging my leg in line and getting tired out from all the running around! ^^
Every little corner is so cute.
Waving from her window!
Petting zoo with Solly ^^
Checking out the donkeys at the mini petting zoo ^^
Waiting in line for rides! ^^
Rocky and Reagan going on a little ferris wheel ride together.
It was the cutest thing ever to see them hold hands and get on the ride,
and Reagan was so excited until it got near the top and she started crying and
getting so scared! So little Rocky just held her hand and we were melting at the sweetness!
It was one of my favorite outings to run around this cute place with my bestie ^^
The fountain of youth works! ;)
Rocky, Reagan & Solly inside the whale ^^
We were both sad to leave!
And asleep the second we got in the car to drive home, dreaming of fairytales ^^

We loved this cute place and we’ll be back to visit again with Chase (and baby girl #2 :)



'FAIRYLAND!' has 2 comments

  1. May 6, 2018 @ 10:27 pm Kristy

    Always wanted to go here! Now I have to!


  2. May 6, 2018 @ 10:28 pm Danielle

    Our fave!


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