APRIL 2018 Recap!

What a fun month that took us coast to coast twice for some fun trips,
brought warm springy/summery weather at home in California, and
ended with celebrating my birthday in a new place! I always love April.

It started with us having Easter at home, watching General Conference
(and my dad getting his new calling announced at it!) then Reagan and I
hopped on a red eye and flew back East to meet some of my family in the
Outer Banks for a week at the beach. While we were there Chase found out he
got a major promotion at work and new role, so we couldn’t wait to celebrate him!
The only downer is he’s a lot busier now. In between trips we caught up on work,
celebrated birthdays of friends, grew the baby bump, had doctor appointments, had
the cute Ferrins in town, then headed back to NYC with Chase to tag along on his
business trip for a week. From there we drove up the Connecticut Coast, into Rhode
Island, and across the ferry to explore the Hamptons over my birthday weekend. We
flew back on the last day of the month and just like that, it’s May! Here are some in betweens:
Sunday pictures (too tired after church :) but yay for waffles before church!
Celebrating Easter was so fun with this little bunny!
Spring in the Bay! ^^
Trying to be healthy at home in between trip indulgences ^^ Green juice + Dish hikes!
My cute parents at conference, where my dad was announced as a new Area Seventy!
Loved finally seeing the Outer Banks this month.
Nothing like being in a new place!
Outer Banks babe ^^
East coastin’ ^^
And loved even more that I got to pass back through Richmond to see my brother
Jeff and his wife Whit and kids, and see their new house! We went a few years ago
with newborn baby R but they weren’t as settled as they are now so I loved seeing their setup.
Reagan was so cute and happy being at her cousin’s house! She keeps asking to go back
to Maddie and Zach’s house, and I have to explain we’d have to get back on an airplane :(
While we were in North Carolina, Chase had a crazy work week and got a KIDNEY INFECTION!
He thought it was a stone and stayed home trying to pass it, but it only got worse with a fever
so he had to go to the ER and it was a bad infection and he was admitted! So scary and I felt so bad
we weren’t there! Reagan got a little fever on the flight home so we were glad to all be back together.
It felt like a lot of flying this month with little R, but they were her best flights yet
(despite being long ones back east and a few of them alone, and one of them a red eye…)
she did so well and was a good little traveler. So much better when you can reason with them!
R and I stopped through a few random cities on our flight to Virginia since Richmond
is a little bit harder to get to – so we found ourselves in Philadalphia at like 5 AM after a
red-eye flight, and found a little airport lounge where you could rent an hour room which
was like a mini hotel room! It was amazing and we both slept in there! It was called Minute Suites?
Not something I’d normally consider using but in that instance it was a life saver!
Matching Cath Kidston dresses that my mom brought back from her London trip.
Things like this make it feel even more real and fun to be having two girls!!
On the go with Rea! (This is the new suitcase from Micro Kickboard, called Lazy Luggage.
It was a game changer at the airport and got so many laughs and compliments :) R loves it!
Chase always has cute welcome home treats whenever we go away without him ^^
Back home with acai bowls + this yummy mix from Costco that R has loved as a snack!
Here are the books I’ve listened to on Audible so far since January. They’ve all been
interesting, but the main one I would recommend is “Where the Wind Leads” by Vinh Chung.
It was my favorite of what I’ve read. Currently moved on to some others and would love any recs!
Also thanks mom and dad for the best Christmas present, which was a year subscription to
Audible for all of us – it has been the best gift and now I’m hooked on listening!!
I’ve been taking Reagan to so many new classes and activities now that she’s at the
best age for loving things like this …this kid’s fitness class was the funniest!!
Still trying to find the right new running shoes – mine are needing replacing
but I can’t seem to find the right combo of being cute but also quality + supportive!
I love these ones on the right but they feel way too light with not enough support ! ?
Celebrating Chase’s new promo with some Happy Donuts! Maple cronut yum ^^
My pick is always this double chocolate cake donut .. but Reagan stole it :)
^^ Walking on her own with hands in pockets, just looking like a teen :)
Finally made it to Fairyland in Oakland with some friends in town, and fell. in. love.
Full post of this storybook land here!
Loved meeting our little boyfriend/bestie Rocky for a date when he came in town :)
^^ How we’ve all felt this month about warm weather and spring blossoms :)
Now that I’m feeling better and it’s warmer, we’re walking/biking/stroller-ing everywhere!
To the library, parks, friends houses, etc!
Banana cream cake for our Tammi birthday girl! ^^
Baby bump slow bike ride on Shoreline ^^
We had this darling book made about my dad’s bear attack, and have read it 100 times already!
More Shoreline walks ^^
GREEK night at home ^^ Thanks to Traders!
Gyros and spanakopita ^^
We’ve been biking everywhere with R on the back of my bike :) We went
to the downtown Mountain View family parade this month!
Lots of visits to our new little boyfriend and bestie..we love baby James and Willa,
and can’t believe two of our besties both had babies this spring! In love!
Taking dinner to the Yoders for baby! ^^
Can you see why we are in love with baby Willa?! And she’ll have
another bestie in our baby girl coming in August yay! ^^
Cutie pie in her new pink jellies ^^
Meeting Dad for early breakfast at work after a run = Reagan eating an entire breakfast burrito ha!
Chicken broccoli cheese pasta, and a yummy sweet potato hash for two meals at home between trips!
Springy girls dinner night, and out with the Hogans to try Sunny Bowl hot pots…yum!
We got a slide to put out in our courtyard for R sometimes – she is obsessed and does it 100 times!
Food truck fancy toast breakfasts — avo toast on the best bread, and ham + cheese yumminess ^^
So much green everywhere!
Smoothie lover, and getting brave on the playground!
Best best prenatal massage before my birthday, at the Rosewood in Menlo from my sweet friends!
Lucky to have friends like these ♥ ♥
Pretty floors + pretty flowers ^^
Cute flying companions ^^ SO nice to have Chase with us, since I normally fly alone with R!
And the cutest luggage transporter again :)
Our fun week in NYC! (See post here)
So fun to have my mom with us in NYC for a few days!
Greenwich views / hotel views ^^
Sunny Central Park with mama ^^
LOVED this musical with my mama. Best birthday present from her!
Loved getting to join Chase on one of his many business trips in NYC!
He was also there the week before and reunited with his adopted brother Paris
who was passing through. It had been YEARS since he’s in the Navy, I was sad to miss!
Pret salads + Magnolia Pudding in NYC ^^
On the go, through 4 states in one weekend! NY, CT, RI, NJ!
We had a Courtyard Marriott at the end by the airport and she loved the pool ^^
Yummiest last East Coast meal on our way down Long Island at Library Cafe in Farmingdale!
Those mini Reubens were so dang good ^^
…In a hidden gem former Library which was a former bank … so pretty!
Buddha bowl and Cobb salad, plus their sweet potato fries and honey mustard dip.
Best thing ever was ordering a cinnamon roll off the lunch menu and
getting this thing bigger than Reagan’s head! ^^ Hahah her face!
Our last stop on Long Island before leaving New York..had to see Coney Island!

Glad to be back in Sunny CA for May!




'APRIL 2018 Recap!' has 3 comments

  1. May 6, 2018 @ 6:50 pm Caroline

    I Really am in awe of the travel you do with her! I never travel with my toddler I get stressed beyond!


  2. May 6, 2018 @ 10:27 pm Eva

    What a fun and packed month, wow!


  3. May 6, 2018 @ 10:29 pm Liz

    I Can’t wait to see the New York posts! And FOOD :-)


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