A Week in NYC!

A Week in NYC!

I don’t think I’ve ever spent an entire week in New York City.
Usually we plan 2-5 day trips here and pack a lot in, because A) it’s expensive,
and B) it’s a little overwhelming and can be better in small doses for me :)
But this time Chase had a longer work trip, and he had us tag along with him.
It ended up being so nice to have a full week and also to not be rushed to see sights.
We’ve been lucky to visit to New York plenty of times, so this time with Reagan it was
fun to do less tourist and sightseeing, and more strolling the park, seeing new kid things
(like the zoo in Central Park!) and meet up with friends and my cute cousin who lives there.
(And see a post full of springy Central Park here!)Chase was so cute and also invited my mom to fly out during the middle of the week and join us
for four of the days, which was the best (and helpful since he was busy working). The city is a lot to
handle alone with a kid – just the subway and a stroller alone is tricky enough! We had so much
fun all over the city, and she was amazing to babysit Reagan while Chase and I saw a show one night.
Then I got to go to one with her while Chase stayed with Reagan! I was definitely spoiled in this
week leading up to my birthday :) Chase met up with us every night, and we packed in a lot of
good food, plenty of walking to balance that food out, mostly good weather, and fun memories
together! Reagan loved the city and was at a fun age for it. She was amazed by all of the chaos
on the city streets and watching her do things like ride the subway for the first time was so cute.
We brought her when she was a few months old (here) so this time was fun to watch her take it in.

I had to split things into a few posts, and the others are more of Central Park and spring blossoms
etc :) So here are some pictures of exploring the city during our week there before heading up the coast!
Hello NYC! It was such a smooth flight thanks to Chase being there ^^
(and thanks to him giving me his upgraded seat so he could take R for most of it :)
Beautiful 65 degree weather for most of the days! The other two days it rained, so we did museums
and shopping and indoor things. Not equipped for East Coast rain with our travel stroller ha!
City babe posing for me :) ^^
The view from our room on the top floor of the hotel. Reagan had to push the elevator button each time :)
(We stayed at a Marriott right by Bryant Park and the NY Library)
Deli breakfasts next door to our hotel. R loved getting her morning milk in a coffee cup
and couldn’t believe that the guy made her eggs and a bagel every day!
^^ Little city slicker hitting the streets. Loved having the beautiful NY Library across the street!
^^ Had to climb every single step. I couldn’t get over how beautiful the library was inside!
Don’t miss the reading room on the third floor ^^
Besties on the steps ^^ Traveling with a little toddler can be magical because you slow
down and appreciate/ notice things like dogs walking by, flowers blooming, birds chirping,
etc. Sounds cheesy but it’s true! Reagan wanted to take in every detail around us.
That West Coast –> to East Coast time change is no joke for little ones or for me!
For some reason 3 hours is so random that it takes a few days to get back on track.
It still worked though because when R got tired she’d go in the stroller and relax or
snooze a little bit. The rest of the time she demanded to walk the streets herself! It
gave me anxiety to have her walking on those crazy NY streets. I was extra careful
and gripped her tight on every street crossing because I was so paranoid!
High Line morning views ^^
Her first time on the subway! When we brought her as a baby I remember I didn’t take the
subway once haha. It was nice weather for walking, and I took Uber the rest of the time
because I was not ready to brave the dirty subway with my tiny baby. This time though,
it was a highlight for her. She kept asking to ride the choo choo train and was so excited!
Happy little girl to be out and about with mama and Yaya ^^
Chase’s Google office is on top of the Chelsea Market building, so it’s a fun place to meet him
and take a walk along the High Line during his rare breaks in the day :)
It’s always hard to keep track of all the food you want to try in NYC,
but this time we did a lot of them since we had so much time! I even thought of learning a few old new york slang, especially the food slang. However, I missed out on that, but we did order our favorites! Speaking of which, I’ll have to update my old guide with some new favorites. This taco place from Chelsea Market has become so popular the last few years, and I finally got to see why. It lived up to the hype and was so good! (Even to us Californians who are spoiled with good Mexican food). There is also a location in Midtown which is easy before a show in that part of town.Always love this view from the Met! ^^ Imagine it in a few more weeks with everything in bloom!
Also always love the impressionism area here. It’s a dream.
They had a special exhibit happening too, full of impressionist
“private parks and gardens.” It was so beautiful, we loved it!
Some Van Gogh for good measure…makes me miss Amsterdam :(
One pretty mama, and one pretty museum ^^
Times Square at night is always fun to walk through…like once haha
More subway rides with my girl. After the first few when she
sat on our laps, she started to want her own seat :)
Late night walks through Bryant Park with a stop at Wafels & Dinges stand!
A night out with my mom to see Beautiful: the Carole King Musical!
It was darling and we both loved it so much. Tip: this is one of the few main
shows that still sells rush tickets from the box office (instead of an online lottery).
If you go wait at the theatre by about 9 or 9:30 AM, the box office opens at 10 AM
and they usually have at least 10 rush tickets for sale at $40 each, in really good seats!
I thought it would be a huge line and I’d have to go wait really early, but when I checked
the day before they said even coming right at 10 usually you can get them. Good to know!
Classic Black & White NYC cookies, and yummiest donuts from the Donut Pub! Swings in Central Park, and a carousel ride in Bryant Park. Lucky girl!
(Love her nervous but excited half-smile on the right haha) ^^
Pretty spring in the city!
Upper West Siding ^^
Tried this spot and it was tasty! ^^
The Museum of Natural History was amazing!
A huge reason I ever want to come to NYC is to be with my bestie cousin Jane
who lives here with her two girls! She’s an Upper East Sider and the cutest city mama.
We had so much fun with them running around Central Park and all over the city!
She told us about La Esquina which was delish! Their street corn stole the show for sure.
Love these three all lined up with their quesadillas! ^^

Washington Square -one of my favorite spots in the city!Cutest Swedish kid’s store with toys while we shopped :) and Halal Guys yum!!
R was so good and happy walking around everywhere the whole week,
so we had her pick out a toy from New York at Flying Tiger (a Euro fave)
She picked this cutest pink music box!
My mom took her in the Disney store and was about to get her this giant
Mickey Mouse with an NYC shirt hahah! I told her she didn’t need it, but it
was so cute and such a classic grandma moment. They can’t resist those little faces!
Speaking of not being able to resist little faces, we walked by a puppy
shop on the street one night and it was the CUTEST! Reagan was in love.I always have to get a slice of Ray’s white pizza when in New York –
my dad introduced me to it on my first trip there when I was 8 and it’s a fave:
This girl agrees! Trying two ice cream spots in one night. Liked both, but our
Twirl & Dip soft serve in SF’s Golden Gate Park wins by a mile
Must always grab one slice of Joe’s. It’s so simple but SO good!
Everything down to the sauce they use is the best quality.
Trying out all the best pizza spots!
We went on a pizza crawl and had to balance out all the pizza with some Sweetgreen :)
Bun hairdo on a rainy NYC day! ^^
Who knew The Plaza had an amazing food hall underneath it? Lots of yummy stands
and little restaurants that I wanted to try all of! Good to know for future visits.
Walking through Central Park Zoo with Yaya!
Made it out to the Roosevelt Tramway to finally take the little tram over,
but little R fell asleep in the stroller just as we got there — so I decided
not to haul her on it while snoozing. I’ll have to try it next time we go! Chase and I picked Dear Evan Hansen to see, after hearing so much about it for the past year +.
I think it may have been a little too hyped up for me, and I had listened to some of the music
which was a mistake for this show, since the story is so different than what you picture with
the music. It was still powerful, interesting, and we are glad we saw it .. just different than
expected and takes some time to wrap your head around it and its message. Still thinking
about it and feel lucky we were able to see it! “Waving Through A Window” is on repeat here.
Ice cream and sending Linny off with Reagan to have a date night of our own! Best yaya and babysitter.
Little one taking on Times Square by herself ^^ The Whitney Museum on a rainy day!
Rainy subway rides and walks with Yaya
And strolling all over with Jane ! ^^
Tried Ippudo for dinner and it was good! We’re no ramen experts but liked this a lot. So did:This girl, can you tell? :)
So lucky my husband and mom get along so well! So fun to be with this crew. Just missed my dad this trip!
We tried the Burger Joint place that is behind a curtain in the lobby of the nice
Parker Meridian Hotel, and although it was cool I did NOT like my burger or the fries ha.
These two were happy though :)
My mom looking like such a New Yorker in her all black outfit, sunglasses and tea :)
Trying to cheer ourselves up after saying goodbye to Yaya!
Last NYC meal before leaving for our East Coast roadtrip!
Thanks for the fun (and chaos!) NYC!




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