Best birthday yet, because life just gets better as the years go!
Despite looking and feeling older, life luckily gets sweeter and more fulfilling as it goes. I remember looking at rave clothing supplied by iHeartRaves when I was 21, and now I’m 28! Time goes by so quickly.
I loved celebrating my 28th on the East Coast with my little girl and cute husband in a new place.
We did a full week in NYC leading up to it since Chase had business, so it kicked off the celebrating
early! My mom joined us for a few days, we saw shows, had fun dinners, shopped, and it already felt
like I’d fully celebrated before my actual birthday even came! Chase and Reagan and I did a fun road trip
from Manhattan through Connecticut and Rhode Island, then down to The Hamptons by ferry to spend my
actual day there. It was ideal to me to be traveling somewhere new with my favorite people on my birthday ?
The bed & breakfast we stayed in over my birthday ^^ Hard to beat!
Even though we were gone over my birthday and the trip was my gift, my cutest friends
and family still found ways to make me feel celebrated by sending gifts to get before
and after our trip. Birthdays are such a reminder of how lucky we are to have amazing
relationships and people around us. It’s what life is about! It’s hard to drop treats or
gifts off when living away, but means so much when people do. I try, but need to be better!
(PS my bestie Sarah left the banner and CUTEST gifts for when we got back, & made my birthday the best!)
I got these cute Sperry’s in the mail from my dad, who always sends his own gift
even though my mom had already done gifts from them :) He is the
sweetest ever and these were so perfect for our East Coast trip ? ^^
Spoiled with a prenantal massage at the nicest Rosewood Spa by my cute friends ^^
Couldn’t think of a better gift for a pregnant mama! I used it right before our trip.
Cutest cards from my mom and grandma that my mom brought to NY.
Grandma Ginny’s cards always win, stickers and all :) ^^ My mom was
so sweet all week spoiling me in New York, and taking me to the ‘Beautiful’
Carole King Musical. Chase’s parents also gifted us a Broadway show- so so nice!
Cutest cards from my mom and grandma…grandma Ginny’s cards always win, stickers and all! ^^
My sweetest friend Anna who I love so much! ^^ Always makes sure to send packages ahead of time ^^
Chase started my birthday week by upgrading me on our flight to New York and giving me this new book
to read on it! He sat back with Rea but after an hour I couldn’t resist switching to sit next to them instead :)
Best birthday morning thanks to my darling husband. Cutest card, gift, and brunch!!
My birthday morning card from Chase (I didn’t take this picture to share it anywhere,
but just to save it…but the more I read it the more I love how well he puts things into
words, and had to save it here too as an example of why I really am so lucky.) His cards
always make me cry on every occasion, and are always the very best part of any gift he could give.
Seriously best birthday brunch ever!
Strolling the most charming towns with these cuties made it the best day ^^
A birthday walk on the beach in the Hamptons was the best ^^
Birthday dinner at the pretty Montauk Yacht Club ^^
Had to save this one too, because who gets two handwritten, heartfelt birthday cards in one day?
A morning and evening card from the cutest guy ^^
Little Rea was especially sweet on my birthday, seriously like she knew to be nice to me!
She took an extra nap before this dinner and was so happy and polite during our fancy dinner.
She didn’t have any meltdowns and was happy and so funny the entire dinner.
She even ordered her own “noodles” and couldn’t have been cuter. Chase got me a cute
date night gift to go out to a local musical and our favorite dinner when we got home ^^
My kind of gift, a fun experience together!
Apple tarte tatin to blow out my candles, and prettiest sunset to the day ^^
Felt so grateful to turn another year older in such a beautiful place ^^

Cheers to another year!


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