March 2018

A lot happened for us in March this year!
It started off rough with me still feeling so so sick from the pregnancy still,
Reagan also getting a bad winter sickness, and then heading off on our crazy
trip where I dropped R in Salt Lake City with my mom, then took a red eye to
NYC to meet Chase, stay a day (or two because of snow delays) visit friends there,
and then head off to an amazing trip through Israel with Chase. It was a whirlwind and
by the time I finally got back to the Bay, it felt like the month was already basically over!
Luckily I turned a corner and started to feel better around week 19 of the pregnancy, and
was able to pack a lot in to the last part of the month. Two of our best couple friends each
had their first babies this month, which was a major highlight! My dad also turned 60 which
was fun to celebrate. In between we’ve been watching lots of March Madness basketball,
soaking up the warm (HOT) weather that has shown up, and announcing our news of baby #2!
Beach adventures at the Bridge with my baby ^^All the green food this month! Especially as I started to feel better and could stomach anything semi-healthy ;)
A little dinner date with Reagan and I before I left her for our big trip.
Chase was already in NYC for work so it was just us and I was so sad to leave her!
Saddest sick visit to Urgent Care a few nights before our trip…we are so ready
for the winter sick season to be behind us. It hit everyone hard it seems like!
Dropping R in Salt Lake…it was so sad since I just had to take her out past security and
give her to my mom! She was so tired and confused because it was late at night, so I was
even more sad! But she did really well the rest of the week and loved staying with my parents.
Celebrated my cute Dad’s 60TH BIRTHDAY!
I had one of my best friends Anna paint his office building for one of his gifts,
and have another on the way. He is the managing director of BYU TV and
Broadcasting, and we are so proud of all the good it brings into the world.
I told him it represents how cool it is that at 60 when a lot of people are
winding down their career, he’s in this new amazing role and more engaged
than ever. We are so proud of him – and on top of this, he just was called as an
Area 70 for our church – so he will be an even busier guy. So proud to call him my dad!
*Ps my friend who is an amazing artist is Anna Wood and you can find her here!Bonus that we got to meet up with him in snowy NYC since he was there on business too!
When our flight got delayed he had a hotel which was so lucky and helpful in that storm.
New York is so fun but I cannot handle the weather!
Shake Shack helped though :)
These two also made it worth it :) Got to see one of my bestie Abby’s new baby Oliver!
He is such a dream and it was lucky I was stopping through NY just a few weeks after he was born!
Little baby gifts for all the babies born this month! ^^
This is the building Abby lives in, pretty amazing! Love that I’ve been able to visit her here a few times!
Also got to see my cutest cousin Jane!! And her cutest girlies. I’m so glad we’re going back
in April with Reagan since I was sad that she wasn’t there to play with these cuties!
Lunch at Google NYC, always a favorite ^^
Meanwhile my mom was sending so many sweet pictures of little Rea at
her house! She had so much fun and loved it, despite one sad allergic
reaction to the antibiotic we sent her with :( My mom took the best care of her!
R loved her visits to Wheeler Farm with my mom ^^
And she loved being with her cute Rigby cousins ^^
Crazy flight itinerary that I would not recommend when pregnant and nauseous…
and the Russian food at the airport lounge in Moscow didn’t help…ha! But all worth it.
All the highlights from our life-changing trip to Israel are here. I’ll never be over it!
Meanwhile our cute niece Lydia turned 3, and Reagan got to go to her cute
birthday tea party since she happened to be in Salt Lake staying with my mom!
Haha Reagan in her party hat probably just in awe that she got to be there! Petting baby chicks at our cute friends house the week of Easter!
Fajitas at home to watch our Utes in the NIT Basketball championship!
(And yes, Chase has instituted paper plates at our house during the weekdays
when it’s just us since we don’t have a dishwasher and he is the dishwasher haha)
Rea Rea pounding kale, haha! And, pretty blooms in our courtyard ^^ Spring and summer are coming!
Avocado toast with bunny ears, and getting every last drop of her acai :) ^^
Her hair is finally long enough to do little buns and braids and pigtails!
If only I were better at hair – Chase is the one who did this braid haha! ^^
Post-tub Reagan is the best. Especially when Chase bundles her in one of our big beach
towels since hers was in the wash! He does bath time pretty much every night which is the best.
Meeting baby James at Tom & Tam’s house and bringing them some dinner!
Can’t believe we have 2 kids between us now, soon 3! ^^
Loved getting cuddles with sweet baby James! And tried out making an Asiago loaf ^^
We finished out our month of MyGym classes which were so fun especially with the
rainy weeks, but now that it’s getting warmer (and we’re leaving town a few times in April)
we’re putting it on hold. It was definitely fun to try out though and even better with friends!
Meeting baby Willa, such an angel!! SO happy for our besties Dust and Kendall.
Willa Lynne Yoder, you’re a miracle babe and we love you + your parents!
^^ How I ate the first half of the month vs. the second half :)
I’m glad I’ve been feeling a little better so that I could switch from constant carbs and cheese
(truly been living on white mac & cheese, pizza, and quesadillas for most meals while sick)
but even with more healthy food I still crave those white mac noodles! Why are they so good!
We tried these healthy treats I’d heard about from Farm & Oven!
They are unique flavor combos like beet dark chocolate and carrot cinnamon,
but taste good for being so healthy, and have some good probiotics in them which I like.
I got to spend a few days in SLC with Rea recovering from my trip and of course
my mom had fresh banana cream pie in the fridge for PI day on 3.14 :)
I stopped back through Utah to pick Reagan up after Israel and ended up staying a few more days
because of not feeling good. It snowed and Rea and I just cuddled up together so happy to be reunited!
We went on a little shopping outing to Jenibee market and R picked out this dress :)
Utah brings favorite food and seeing besties! I was glad I got to tell
fam and friends our baby news in person while we were in town.
Early 5 AM wake up call for a flight back to the Bay. This girl was so sweet on it!
Happy to be home!!
BACK WITH DAD!!! ^^ After a few weeks away due to his business trips in NYC and onto Tel Aviv.
Straight to get acai for breakfast together!
Juice bar stop ^^
I made a bunch of breakfast burritos and froze them, and they tasted so good
on mornings that I was in a rush. And again with the classy paper plates thanks to Chase :)
I just put eggs, roasted potatoes, cheese and green chiles in them and then add avo when I eat them!
Sadly, the most festive we got for St. Patrick’s Day was a little green skirt and
green salad for dinner ha. I love to make this holiday fun but we had some changes
in travel plans and Reagan and I ended up flying in that day – so we were lazy! Luckily
she doesn’t quite understand holidays yet so I got away with it for one more year :)
Got to celebrate cute Bailey’s baptism! ^^
I knew I was starting to feel better when I felt good enough to make acai bowls
and some healthy banana muffins at home. It’s the little things!
Healthier substitutes for treats lately because sugary things have made me feel sick!
We also tried out Model Meals, an all Whole30 meal delivery service.
I still wasn’t feeling my best the week we got these, so we have a few frozen
in the freezer – but they are such unique healthy meal ideas to help with Whole30!
A visit to SoFa market in SJ, yum yum ^^
First timers at Happy Hollow and loved it!
Cute carousel rider ^^
I’ll have to post more about it but this is my favorite pic from the outing haha.
So casual riding in her little sunnies ^^
Had to ride a few times together ^^
And casually scootering along in them too :)
So many fun playdates with pals in the Bay ^^
Borrowing the twins’ Porsche play car – haha and avo toast always ^^
We made it into the city to enjoy some of the pretty clear days after so much rain.
Happy in the car as long as she has snacks! Just like me hehe :)
Celebrating our news of baby #2 and taking a few pics at the bridge!
Loved getting some pics of her and baby sibling when we were up there on the prettiest day!
Cheering for a new baby on the way!! ^^
Stopped off for one of our fave SF treats on the way down the 101!
Reagan had her first birthday party for a friend in the Bay! Her little bestie Kate was
turning 2 and had the cutest party in the park with cupcakes and an Easter egg hunt.
Cupcakes for the birthday kids! ^^
Cutest sight to see all these littles running getting eggs!
At the end of the month we had our 20 week anatomy ultrasound and found out gender of baby #2!
We had the doctor write it down in an envelope and went straight to breakfast after. We gave the
envelope to the waiter and asked him to bring a crepe filled with strawberries for a girl, or
blueberries for a boy. Once we had ordered I was so antsy for it to come to the table! :)
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I cut in and saw strawberries for another baby girl!
Happy faces about baby sis! ^^ Can’t get over Rea in these haha
Had to cut up some strawberries later that day at home to keep celebrating :)
Still smiling! And gladly using this parking :)
Just a tad obsessed with this chicky ^^
Every Sunday I take pictures of our little fam right in this spot outside our door,
so now every time we walk by Reagan asks for a picture of her. Haha too cute to pass up.
^^ More cheeeese pictures haha
^^ Petting baby chickies at our friends house the week of Easter!
We’ve been pulling out the bike and bike seat with this warmer weather! R LOVES it.
Bike rides to lunch in Mountain View! ^^More fun Easter egg hunts leading up to the holiday ^^
  And our Easter Sunday! Chase was our speaker for the church Easter program.
It was so special and loved being there with these sweeties ^^

Goodbye crazy March and here’s to April!



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  1. April 10, 2018 @ 4:09 pm Kari

    I love this recap and the photos of Happy Hollow! We are having my son’s first birthday there in a few weeks. :)


    • emi

      April 14, 2018 @ 8:48 pm emi

      that will be so magical!!


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